Review: Lil B at the House Of Blues [4/26/11]

Andrew Barber

Photo credit: Virgil Solis

Words by Guest Contributor Veronica of the illustrious Cream Team

I didn’t expect Lil B to be good live. I really didn’t. I envisioned a spectacular mess wherein Lil B would stand on a too big stage communicating only by tweets with the audience as his songs played in the background. Lil B’s stream-of-consciousness approach to pretty much everything makes it impossible to tell fact from fiction. And the same goes for his fans. Is their cult-like adoration of their Based prophet sincere, or just internet novelty? Who knows. The most interesting part of last night’s show at the House Of Blues was not watching Lil B, but watching Lil B’s fans watch Lil B. 

The diversity of the audience was a testament to Lil B’s philosophy of positivity. A friend said mid-way through his set, “I’ve never seen white hipsters and black kids get along this well.” To call it getting along is selling the scene short though. It was the kind of socialness between strangers that I’ve only ever seen happen when a lot of ecstasy was involved. A swag-chanting pep rally for team Based God. An impromptu Cooking Dance party for the Chef.

This was the kind of crowd whose enthusiasm could have carried a show no matter how bad the music was. But they didn’t have to. All of Lil B’s schizophrenic tendencies seem a lot less crazy live. When he rambled (and he did a lot of this) it wasn’t messy and awkward, it was full of life, delivered with a grin and energetic. He boomed the instrumentals of his tracks in the background, a move that would have been amateur by any other rapper, but for Lil B it made perfect sense, a means of bringing his lo-fi aesthetic to the stage. His positivity was infectious, and his rhymes were delivered with smack to the face punches. The live setting completely altered the effect of his tracks. Lil B’s sloppy one-take mp3s sounded properly cleaned up and rehearsed.

I don’t think Lil B is crazy anymore. He’s a very public view of a new generation, raised on the internet, obsessed with digitally documenting their every action. Lil B has the talent and natural charisma to be incredible, but none of the life experiences from which to write serious rhymes, and zero understanding of self-editing. He’s too busy updating his twitter to go out and live. Fall down, get hurt, get up again, make better music. It makes me worry for the future.


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  • D.Rich

    good review. going to peep him tonight in detroit

  • Ty Kidd

    Just as I said before, Lil’ B is far from crazy. Dope review.

  • jackhartmann

    It makes me want to check him out this weekend. I hadn’t heard of him.

  • Verde

    Decent review, defly was crazy to see that mix of people.
    The one line tho that caught me off guard was “….none of the life experiences to write serious ryhmes”
    How you know what someone went through and what’s serious ryhmes?
    Kinda remind me of that scene in 5 Heartbeats when Duck left the group.


    This is what happens when you’re more about giving to your fans than you are about receiving from ’em. A concert is a place for your fans to act the fuck out with like-minded people, not stand there and idolize you and your music. Those days are dead.

  • dont talk to me

    get this creep ass nigga out of my face. i’ll pass on the sodom and gomorrah swag. straight up…i rather listen to that back from the future baby im the man. blessed is he who shepards the weak and keeps them safe from all the freaks…you know my steez

    • Hadesbaby

      Killah WHATUP!!??

  • Hadesbaby

    He may not be crazy now…discrepancies will arise. I am impressed he managed to come down to earth however and start cleanin up his craft…now with that “other” lil stunt he pulled, he might be settin himself up for an unexpected surge of success. Whats really crazy, is alot of folks dont even REMEMBER “VANS” or have even HEARD it…he is about 7 years deep in the game believe it or not

  • truthspeaking


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