Sound Familiar? Lupe Fiasco x Bone Thugs-N-Harmony Edition

Ty Howard

Earlier today, I spent some time listening to Lasers and came across something that struck me as odd.

Lupe’s “Beautiful Lasers” is the same exact track as Bone Thugs-N-Harmony’s “Rebirth”. Production wise, that is. Am I late on that? Maybe. Did Lu’s version sampled the BTNH joint? Hmm. After reviewing the liner notes and seeing that no sample credit was included, I concluded that that wasn’t the case. Bone Thugs’ “Rebirth’ was featured on their 2010 album, Uni5: The World’s Enemy, and gives production credits to Pooh Bear & King David. Funny thing is, “Beautiful Lasers” features MDMA (formerly known as Pooh Bear) and was also produced by King David. Things like this happen all of the time, though. Take Gorilla Zoe’s “So Sick” from his Don’t Feed The Animals album and Usher’s “Papers” for example. I’m just curious as to what the story behind these two joints are. Which track was recorded first? Was it a case of recycling or revamping? Either way, “Beautiful Lasers” is still one of my favorite joints from the album. I figured I would share this with everyone because it was kinda cool and random. Don’t take my word for it, though. Feel free to listen for yourself below and sound off.


Beautiful Lasers

Lupe Fiasco’s “Beautiful Lasers” featuring MDMA.


Bone Thugs-N-Harmony’s “Rebirth” featuring Thin-C.


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  • G.Hydro

    Ahhh Yesss…….Sort a like Ras Kass “home sweet home” vs Jadakiss “we gone make it” ,Nas “street dreams” vs 2pac “all eyes on me” , amerie “More than love” vs T.I. as Dre Dre “Shit popped off” ,Payroll vs Jay Z type of thing going on here….

  • Teech

    I hear stuff like this all the time and SMH. Somebody should be pissed about the resale of the track, unless one was never intended to be used on an album for sale. For some reason I thought of the whole Charles Hamilton/Black Spade “Shinin” debacle, even though this situation is totally different.

    What’s with big name artist recylcing beats, ie. Alicia Keys using Kanye’s Devil in a New Dress, or Kandi Burruss flipping Elevators? Bad Lady/Explosive?

    Even further, what about “multi-versions” like Alicia Keys doing her own version of Empire City or Eminem and Dido having separate version of Stan?

    Call me greedy, but I’m not a fan of recycled production or verses for that matter. I think it stifles the art. Mixtapes sure, but I should not be paying for something I heard already.



  • ItsBeenOne

    i guess if it wasn’t sold as an exclusive beat it shouldn’t matter. IN MY OPINION, a beat reused isn’t much of an issue cause each rapper is still creating a different track, totally different content sometimes but whereas a recycled verse is being cheap and lazy.

  • JUJU

    “Nas “street dreams” vs 2pac “all eyes on me””

    Bad example homie…..this is NOT from same producer…nor is the same beat…they only use the same sample (Linda Clifford-“Never Gonna Stop”)….not the same situation as Lupe/Bone or Ras Kass/Jada where the same beat from the same producer was given twice. The whole vibe of Pac’s is completely different….where Nas’s was produced by Trackmasterz with a party/east coast vibe and Pac has NEVER worked with The Trackmasterz…the song “All Eyez On Me” was produced by Johnny J.

  • i agree w the fools

    Aha! check this comparision

  • 21

    what happened to the lupe and krayzie bone track produced by the neptunes?

  • tribulation

    Lupe ain’t fucking with bone, sorry.

  • Esoteric

    Nas “Made You Look” and Amy Winehouse “In My Bed”

  • g.hydro

    @ juju u learned me on Nat one I always thought dre made 2pacs n gave Ta Nas in response Ta Pac disn him ……so how bout “smilez n southstar vs ja rule”

  • Smoov

    Sort of like Jay-Z and Payroll….”Never change” produced by Kanye

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