L.E.P. Bogus Boys – Now Or Neva

Ty Howard

The Bogus Boys’ latest project is finally here. A year in the making, Now Or Neva is definitely one of the dopest projects I’ve heard this year. I’m not going to bore you with a blurb or anything, though.

Hit the jump, download the tape and give it a listen. You won’t be disappointed.

L.E.P. Bogus Boys – Now Or Neva [Alt. Link]



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  • Chatham dude

    damn been waiting on this all day…

  • WBMZChicago


  • fay

    “ZOMBIELAND” “25th HOUR” “NOW OR NEVA” CLASSSSICS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • cream

    i knew this shit was going to be hot!!!!

  • Dro City

    This shit wack! We want Louie! This aint that drillinois shit. Get em outta here.

    • ChiCityColdCity

      Louie nice…BUT FUCK DRO CITY!!!

  • Erk

    I been rockin with L.e.p since Laws and Policies and still fuck with their music but this isn’t what I expected. I only like a couple joints

  • fuckoutchea

    These niggas drop a mixtape every year and its the same bullshit. Damn how many mixtapes are these old washed up ass niggas gonna drop before they realize they ain’t going nowhere and they gettin old as fuck. We from the Village and we tired of these clowns. We ain’t fuckin wit these niggas losing they bread with this bullshit that ain’t going nowhere

  • Dro City

    Chicitycoldcity fuck you it aint fuck dro city. Louie go harder than these niggas. Louie used to play second to these niggas now they on my g dick. Die 5 homie, this Louie land the streets is talking and they have spoken

  • ChiCityColdCity

    Die 5???? How old r u, u fucking clown.

  • cream


  • quitthebullshit

    Ok we not hatin on Chi artists, but we tired of seeing the same bullshit ass people on here. Put it like this, Andrew posts a million things from LEP and doesn’t give any new up & comin Artists their props. He is a LEP, Twista, Freddie Gibbs, Etc., ass kissa! Now he ah King Louie dick rider. Personally, I have nothing against Louie cause I’m from the same side as him, but Come on nigga. LEP is washed up and old. When is this going to stop. When is he going to post new artists. This site has become a joke. LEP going to be exactly where they are next year this time. Stop the bullshit my nig. We tired of Andrew ass kissin and flooding his site with this Hot Ass Garbage! Twista ass even washed up with his one hit every 2 CD’s ass. Chicago has to step their damn game up. FSD gots to step their game up! TIred of seeing the same shit. Andrew is slippin hard.

  • ol Boy

    Alright I have tried 50’leven times to download this mixtape, and I get the zip file but as soon as I extract it I’m only getting 2 folders with only two MP3s and a bunch of extension files…what’s wrong with this? Is it the link or is it my computer?

  • Andrew

    Hi Tim,

    This is Andrew from the networking event tonight. Let me know if you have any programming work that needs to be done. I am most familiar with C++ but can adapt to other languages if needed.

  • Jhow

    All y’all hatin ass mf get on y’all shit
    If you make music go harder
    and make you some money
    l.e.p my niggas

  • Toussaint L’Overture

    I thought I had heard all the songs yall was gonna put on here ……………..I was wrong !!! This shit is crack! I’ve had it on repeat most of the day .
    Whats crazy though, is yall didn’t drop the records I expected. From the math Im doing it’s another project worth a material ready to go ASAP!

  • The real L.E.P.

    No hate involved. Lets just be all the way real. This has no chane of making it. These guys spent well over a mill and a half and have made it nowhere. A deal cant save them because they are too far in the hole. Big deals left when bump fucked it up for chicago. This tape sucks.

    • ChiefJ4

      On some real shit, I’m no rapper, but I could put together a mixtape, get a decent producer, and have a project out every 3 months at the latest. It makes no sense whatsoever to take a year to drop a project, and it makes no sense to spend any more than 5 stacks on a mixtape- that shit is just dumb- they done spent over 1.5? Hell Naw! Lyrics speak for themselves… as in my latest post, if that had lyrical content, they wouldn’t need a Justice League, they wouldn’t need to go “hook crazy” and they wouldnt spend so much time on there physical image- fucking gangsta rap fashion models, lol! If they do get a deal, I promise Count will go solo by the 2nd album. They remind me a Chicago version of YoungBloodz, simply Garbage!

      West Side

      • ChiCityColdCity

        Wow, how do ya’ll know how much money they spent?

  • Honestly Honest

    skimmed through it and its better than the last but i think it ran a bit too long.





  • ChiefJ4

    I want to ride wit L.E.P. and I have been converted, I fuck wit these dudes. BUT…… these songs have too much of a formula- like, its too “hook needy”, like they formulate a song around a good hook (similar to the more recent Crucial Conflict work), instead of lyrics, which almost makes every song the same and not that much different from there last project last Halloween. They work so hard to create an image, have “super producers,” make dope hooks, but what is lacking is lyrical content, these brothers just don’t have it.

    Count, when he was a solo artist, used to really deliver that business, and tell stories- they got away from the story telling. Songs like Ginger, Going in for the Kill, The Bag… and the video that assisted the songs were a sign of progression and gave Chicago hope of something great to come, but I just don’t see how L.E.P. is setting themselves apart from the typical rappers that are out there. And, this is not hate, I am just super critical of My hometown artists, because we need to step it up.

    Honestly, this mixtape got one play, and I doubt I’ll listen to it past next week; similar to their last mixtape, minus “Going in for the Kill,” that stayed in rotation. I hope the next step is not another mixtape… just seems like taking steps backwards. I was convinced that they were building a brand, and that made sense to me, but more mixtapes equals more exposure, true, but I don’t see the financial sense to all of this.

    One last thing, these guys just don’t sound like Chicago. Like, Freddie Gibbs sounds more authentic to Chicago than them… and he is not from Chicago! I just don’t get the whole L.E.P. craze… hell, I don’t get the Drake craze, so maybe there is something wrong with me. Nonetheless, Step it up fellas….

    West Side

    • Anon

      The sad part in your honest write-up about this mixtape is that you will still be labeled a hater. Its a shame that you cant voice your opinion or want these guys to just produce better music without the hate word being thrown around.

    • chevey

      freddie is from Gary though lol close enough.

  • twan.G

    just heard that new bennie franks this nigga actually went in.

    • ChiefJ4

      Bennie Franks ALWAYS goes in! slept on Money Makin’ Soldier Chi legend…

      West Side

  • twan.G

    yeah my uncle told me bout him that shit is hard coldest shit i heard this year!

  • chevey

    either way its still better than most bullshit out that considered “good”. and better than the last mixtape.

  • hustle21

    this gotta few bangers, but tha last tape i think was better!!! whatever happen to ginger part 2… anyone know?!

  • FYF

    Yo L.E.P….been griding for a while now…It’s cool that they are finally getting more attention. I like the last mixtape better than this effort…but it’s still good…MORE CHICAGO MUSIC http://youtu.be/s9umfnyoGXI

  • Dantanna


  • ARIS



    Chicago’s Own YUNG – Youth.Under.New.Growth
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aUiGsCyjoOQ ****REAL CHICAGO MUSIC

  • Kochief

    Rob find me because you need my help. It’s been like 4 years of the same shhh come on dude you gotta have something to talk about that people relate to besides money and garbage. Holla you did it once you can do it again.

  • kingjames40

    what it do FAKESHOREDRIVE!!!!!MUCH LUV TO YA PAGE !!HELLOfamo…and friends..kingjameslive chitown native …dropping in and really glad to see all the feed back on LEP BOUGUS BOYS IM A NEW FAN of LEP JUST CATCHING UP TO THIS FOLLOWING OF OUR BROTHERS from the chi im pumped to create my own shit cause yall make a nigga step his game up if HE NOT LISTENING it straight foucused on improving bettering ya listening skill an givenig people what they want if you can find it an make it work im digging what i have so far heard from these powerful chitown cats as they continue to create and BANG CHICAGO OVA THESE assholes heads an tell them we tru GURILLAS hungry and bring unstoppable NOISE from are CITY IF YA LATE SO SAD WE HERE AND WE COMMING FOR THE MONEY AND THE POWER I SAY L.E.P BRING THE NOISE EVERY CHITOWN ARITIST ITS TIME WE SHUT THEM DOWN FROM COAST TO COAST ARE MUSIC IN EVERYTHANG PAPER IN ALL OUR POCKETS AS LEP WOULD SAY WE EATN GOOD AND WE ANAINT NEVA THRU JUST DRIVIN THRU ……KINGJAMESLIVE…MUCH LOVE

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