Common Speaks On Drake Battle

Andrew Barber


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  • bizzare

    Funny enough, when Com talks about soft ass rappers on some level he has to acknowledge that his boys Kanye and Big Sean fit the description.

    • TwistaBestAlive

      Your right about that bro.. Kanye started that movement of weak ass rappers… His shit is fcking weak. He should just stay behind and produce and thats all

  • Anonymous

    wack interview

  • g.hydro

    kanye dont fit shit he a all around artist from radio comercial shit ta political topics most rappers is scared ta talk about except lupe of course or big krtit n few others prodigy etc Carl nice butbest alive get his dik out ya but he aint even bet n chi ye lupe common all better shit even a few up n comers is betteris twista underatef ye but thats his fault when bad boy n the rock gave him chances he was to hight on nat shit to do proper biz .

    • TwistaBestAlive

      Can anyone understand this? Is this even english?

  • bizzare

    Yeah you’re right Kanye. doesn’t fit that mold. He’s more like…. oh no wait…. wait… what’s this!!

  • bizzare

    Man for real doe. This lashing out at Drake’s whole fucking generation is a long time coming. The Homie Rhymefest put it perfectly in an interview a few years back when he talked about how disrespectful these little assholes are. On some “Fuck U old man!” type stuff. Fast forward a few years Tyler is yelling “FUCK WU TANG!” at a hip hop radio station. Fast forward a few more years and you have BLACK artists (some from the Chi) co-signing Kreayshawn using the N word. Enough is enough man. Hip Hop music is about music. Its not about fashion. It came from the streets and belongs to the streets. Not the boutiques in Wicker Park or Bucktown or any other white hood. This music was meant to represent the communities that don’t normally have a voice in mainstream America. Fuck all this permission slip rap.

    • trill nigga

      shut yo lame save hiphop head ass the fuck boy! get money put your fam and keep it moving. mad cause my friends that are “real hiphop” didn’t get a shot. get some fucking swag and learn how to captivate the masses and still get a message across.

  • D.Scott

    Common know$ what the beef is really about lol

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