Common – Stay Schemin’ (Drake Diss)

Andrew Barber

I guess Drake backed into a 4 Corn…never mind. Com is back in full battle mode in 2012. After Drizzy had a flew slick bars for Com on “Stay Schemin,” Com returns with a freestyle over the same beat. Damn, he called dude “Canada Dry.” I mean, did you see the artwork? And the Destiny’s Child sample at the end?

I’m not sure what round this is, but the ball is now in Drake’s court. I’m sure “Stay Schemin” and then this piece by Toure saying it’s the silliest beef ever really struck a nerve with Common.



Common – Stay Schemin’ (Drake Diss)


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  • SheCallMeLs

    im glad common did this

  • NoWhackRap

    how is drake gonna diss a real hip hop artist
    hope drake and his nursery rhymes gets put in place with this
    drake aint no hip hop artist, hes an R&B artist

  • NoWhackRap

    how is drake gonna dis a real hip hop artist
    hope drake and his nursery rhymes gets put in place with this
    drake aint no hip hop artist, hes an R&B artist

  • Cody DeCamry

    This is shit I like. No subliminals, no undertones. He said Drake. He made specific references. This is when its real. Will Aubs aka The Unicorn Whisperer bka I sweat lavender respond though?????

  • PoPimp85

    Ha, good shit Com! “My motto, Chicago…”

  • Larro

    Common! My nigga!

  • SwagMeOut4

    The only reason y’all cosignin this mediocre ass verse is cause Common from Chicago. Other than that he just as soft as he claiming Drake is. To add insult to injury he doin all this over Serena WIlliams & to gain a bigger buzz for his new cd. “You Canada Dry” is the rawest line on here & it’s a good for a chuckle, no lyrical masterpiece.

  • ChiefJ4

    Let me ask you this? when was the last time you seen a rapper straight call out his rival? Common did that, when initially the “beef” was sparked by instigators. The public said that he must have been speaking on Drake in Sweet, since Drake sings, Com was trynna stay away from that, but did say, if the shoe fits…. So this whole beef was coerced! But in true hip hop fashion Common Sense rose to the occasion for hip hop.

    Let me ask you this. When was the last time a rapper turned Hollywood was able to bring it back to the essence of rap? LL ain’t doin it, but I’m sure he wouldn’t back down. What I’m saying is, Common Sense is hip hop at the end of the day, and he needed to make that statement, regardless of the accolades in Hollywood and television show. He kept that shit hip hop at the end of the day, regardless of the records, he made a statement, like, anyone who come at me, I’m at them—no matter how much of a vet he is and how much he ought not engage in such a “senseless” “beef”. Fuck that.

    You damn right we ridin’ for Common. He is from Chicago. That’s what you’re supposed to do, regardless! Peroiod. Have we forgotten that lesson? Back in the day, Only Cube was into it wit Common, but Dub & Mack was wit it cause that was they man, that’s loyalty. This is time to ride wit Common, instead of sing-a-long wit Drake soft tissues ass. Only bitches like Drake. I NEVER bought his shit or even gave it a 10 second listen, on my life! Chicago Nigga!

    AND… to accuse a man 9 albums deep on doing this move to promote his album is fuckin’ ridiculous! Common has just started to get mainstream exposure, and could give a fuck about album sales or exposure, because real recognize real. He’d rather take that 100k in sales, cause those are true fans. That man ain’t hurtin’ for new fans nor for money, so he can make the music he wants. Never had a mixtape, he is a true old school hip hop gem, fuck outta here, That man never needed a stunt to promote shit! It just happened to be close to his album being released.

    You all have forgotten where all this shit originated. And don’t know how to support your own. Common Sense won. Just the cover alone, replacing the name with “That Hoe Ass Nigg@” is emasculating in itself! Then to take a Ross track and just add his verse is gangsta! How u just gone steal a track then add your verse and repackage it all vandalized and diss’d up? Chicago Nigga! That song is not even a week old from its public release. Common is efficient and is making moves like Common Sense in his prime. When you see that man in Chicago, show him love. And don’t cry like a bitch when Drake come to town like he’s the second coming of God. Fuckin’ lames. Common Sense. Chicago Nigga!

    West Side

    • ol Boy


    • DopeBoysUKStandUp

      @ChiefJ4 Geeza I agree with you on all levels man..couldn’t have said this better myself, Big Thumbs up

  • Omar Guzman

    lol @ the end, he said his name n put that sample hell na. its been awhile we had a good hiphop beef.

  • ChiCityColdCity

    ^^^^You went in big homie, I agree with you a 100%

  • Bezzled out

    I’m glad a legend speaking up about all the hoe shit rappers be on nowadays. All these lite bright, reading a rainbow cornball ass rappers. These Norbit, chuckee cheese skateboard looking muthafuckers in the game. Hip Hop is losing its masculinity but Com gonna bring it back

  • FYF

    Drake is PUSSY..period. The bad this about it is that most people don’t respect lyrics. Com killed dude, “you a bitch cause you cling” that’s real

  • FYF


  • NoWhackRap

    we need that real hip hop back, not rap entertainers!


  • Hump Jones

    The real loser in this battle is America…Toure needs to just stop.

  • Teuta

    […] con el artículo aieorntr, sobre el caso Roswell, ponemos una explicación sobre el area 51, dónde supuestamente, el gobierno de […]

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