Video: No I.D. & The Legendary Traxster To Produce Entire Mikkey Halsted Album

Andrew Barber

Well, it looks like the cat is out of the bag. Mikkey Halsted has uprooted and moved out to LA to finish his upcoming album, The Force, which is entirely produced by No I.D. and The Legendary Traxster. Monumental to say the least.

If you know No I.D. and Traxster’s history, then you know these two are highly regarded as the Godfather’s of Chicago hip-hop. No I.D. repping the Southside, with Trax crafting the sound of the Westside. Over the past few years, the production duo has come together to craft smashes for Big Sean and Twista; and now it’s time join forces to produce for one artist–and luckily that artist is Chicago’s own Mikkey Halsted.

Here, No I.D., Traxster and Mikkey discuss the project, and give us some insight as to how it all came together. No word on what label this project will be released on, but best believe there will be a big announcement soon.

The stuff you hear playing in the background? Forget about it. Serious. Most anticipated album of 2012?


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  • BON

    Mikkey may be lyrical & make decent music but i dont feel like he has any mainstream appeal which seems like what they are going for… Hes been around for a long time & doesnt have 1 solid album to put under his belt.. i dont feel like hes marketable.. maybe a couple of local heads really feel his shit but the masses wont.. just another cut out rapper.. theres a million out there.. ill still peep his new album, mainly for the production.. his raps bore me.. i like to be entertained by music.. not social messages.. bottom line is i feel like they puttin too much faith in him.. alot of other cats id put on 1st b4 Mikk.. sorry just my opinion…

    • elementzemcee

      Well for one, No I.D. has been managing Mikkey’s career for a while now, and if you’ve seen the video clip when he was at WGCI with Drew and Co. and talking about all of the label problems he’s dealt with, you would probably think different about the situation. As far as what the masses want….what do they want really? How many albums went platinum in 2011 AND had great reviews on the album? I think Mikkey has a great message to put out there very similar to a Lupe or a Kendrick Lamar. But everyone has their preference so it’s cool.

      • illgobehaviorchitown

        thats real, all rappers have they lane from booty shake rappers…. emcees….to dope boy rappers… and mikkey is and emcee those type of rappers can always get work especially in other countries so he cone make it do what it do

    • Xenophon

      I’m not Big Sean’s biggest fan, but No I.D. got him a hit with My Last, and he was known as a “backpack/mixtape” rapper. A “coke” rapper like Pusha T got on Runaway — think about that. Mikkey is way too talented to not be able to produce something appealing. The best MC’s are diverse enough to get on many different type of tracks and bring their own special energy to it. THAT’S what people wanna hear, and what great producers like No I.D. and Traxster can bring out of them.

    • shahkim allah

      however this is what hip hop needs now, social messages. the idoit music is over. mikkey speaks truth he aint talking bentlys and dumb shit like most of these cats in the game. revolution should be the focus, maybe it will help change the direction of where our youth are today. he is definably Original.

  • Kenlo Key

    howlin! congrats to Mikkey for bn in a great position ..i have faith he will deliver for the city.. good biz! looking forward to hearing the finished product..

  • Lame

    We all knew this was coming you don’t have to worry about dion being vice president of def jam cause when mikkey flop they’ll be giving dion his pink slip. Attention Chicago artist make your own way stop waiting on these fake ass gatekeepers here to put you on they not looking for you they rather put on a 40 year old dude that they cool with than somebody who can take Chicago to the next level

  • Professor Pickle

    Can’t wait for this project to drop! All three artists are as talented as they come.

  • @ThePluggedFella


  • Black

    Y’all hatin ass rappers that post shit will never be happy until the announcement is about you. If No ID didn’t reach for Mikk y’all would say ain’t no unity and That No ID’s on fuck shit. Him & Trax come choose Mik and show the ultimate unity and y’all hate. Str8 pussys. Mikk is truth and it eats u alive that he’s bout to shine. Did u hear Darkroom dick head? What I hate is that people outside the city see y’all hate and may believe it. Common and Twister are 40 fam, everyone in chi knows Mikks in a whole nother age bracket. He seems at least a decade younger than them, no diss to them. Kill yoself

  • Mr. Seasick

    You can tell the two hating ass comments are from local rappers that aren’t “on” and are mad that they aren’t in Mikkey’s position. This is great for the city no matter which way you slice it, straight crabs in a bucket mentality! It’s cool if yall don’t like Mikkey or his music, but realize that with Dion standing as VP of DefJam, people in the industry will take note of other Chicago artists. Fake ass gate keepers? You Mad Bro? lol

  • Gemini

    that Niggas the truth! One of the folks from his hood brought his CDs out to Racine and hes performed out here. He’s a real Nigga. If he didn’t make it I would lose faith in the game. Fuck the hate g, keep shinin!

  • MissJordan3’s

    My girl & the illest dj in the land, NienA put me on to Mikkey. Not only is he gorgeous and intelligent but he’s undeniably a star. Women are gonna love him. Props to No ID and Traxter for being smart! Oh, jealousy is a female trait fellas

  • ChiCityColdCity

    Well there goes the neighborhood. Congrats to Halsted, its been a long time coming….

  • pocket science

    Salute, To Mikkey Halsted I knew they would make the right choice
    and sign …Real Chicago Hip Hop!!!
    Well I know I’m long over due & should have at least been feat. on FSD once, the Politics!!
    My Last remix, Listen Now:

  • ChiefJ4

    This is literally history in the making. This has never been done before. I am excited. But…. but, PLEASE don’t do any of the following things:

    Please do not make this a Nascar event and whisper and scream the producers name (advertise) all on the track- neither the producers nor Mikkey, please don’t do that shit. Please, Mikkey, don’t stretch out your lyrics, make it more natural. Please don’t let the production drown out the lyrics…. Let the beats be the backdrop, and let the lyrics shine, at the end, everyone will get credit. Mikkey, please stop trying to win over critics with that Wayne plug, your true fans know he attributes much of his success to you. Mikkey, please bring us something different, we ALL know your mom was a dimepiece, your pops was a hustler etc etc. We have heard all that before. Mikkey, please get back to your conscious political rapping; we know you want commercial exposure and notoriety, but please don’t think you must convert—tracks like “get money” off The Dark Room, that was a stretch for you, and please don’t stretch there again- stay you, Mikkey!

    One thing for sure, I hate to say it, but if this does not work out, this may be Mikkey’s last chance at the type of success he feels he can achieve as an emcee in the game. If this works, this marks the first day of something special to come… not only for Mikkey, No I.D., and Traxster, but for the whole city.

    This is the test run, and they’re putting everything on this bet. I’m glad its all Chicago, and that we finally have full collaboration musically, we have come a long way since the first hip hop wave in Chicago rap in the early 90’s. I fuck wit Mikkey. I fuck wit Traxster (more of his earlier work, though), and I fuck wit No I.D…. and I’m rooting for the home team. This should be interesting…

    West Side

  • MoeMan

    Great look for all parties involved and great for the city. NOTE: ALL Negative comments are from SOUR ASs ChiCAGO RAPPERS and their best friends. LBVS. All the real Niggaz here fux with MIKK.

  • Itscoolandall

    No hate at all. Mikkey cool and all but NoId and Traxster who else are you all going to help out in Chicago? Just don’t help out your Buddy from the Hood. It’s alot of talent here from Chicago. Hopefully you all not intimidated by these artists and reach out to more than your homeboy from the way.If you have the resources and ability to help people,Just Do It. The reward will be greater later. NoId and Traxster don’t be selfish,share the wealth,do more collaborations. It’s alot of good Talent here in Chicago as far as artists,producers,singers,dj’s. Give more opportunities.Mikkey is not the hottest here He’s your friend and had a buzz years ago and we all know this.Who else will you all try to help out? Everyone knows Chicago has no outlet so if you guys can help some folks take their career to the next level,Do It.Thats whats wrong with Chicago Niggas now,No Unity. Always looking out for the homies and look right over the real talent.
    Andrew Chicago appreciates your website but if your only displaying whats hot to you,does nothing for Chicago. And who are you to say,what’s hot and not?Why is it so hard for you to give artists a chance as well?Everyday you have the same artists on your site.We see them but what about the up and coming artist that’s serious and trying to make it in this industry as well. You wont even post up their music or videos.Everyone starts from somewhere.Everyday we see the same artists on this site. It’s starting to get ridiculous.Numerous of artist is complaining saying you wont post up their music. Why is this? What’s the purpose of this site then?

    • elementzemcee

      Smh….okay. You may not necessarily be hating, but you’re not really helping your point neither. For one, it’s a marathon, not a sprint. So let’s just stand behind this project knowing that it will be a banger anyway. You don’t know who Trax and/or No I.D. is working with in the city. Plus, Mikkey has been grinding for a long time, but it’s not all on him if the radio doesn’t play him; if labels that he’s signed to either fold, lose distribution or come up with bad contracts; or if he comes out with an album that he’s out promoting in the streets, but nobody talks about it. Niggas need to change the way they perceive things. From what I see, King Louie, YP, Mikkey, Rockie Fresh, L.E.P., Scheme, Neak, and various others hold it down for the Chi, but where’s the love at? I honestly believe that 90% of people don’t want them to succeed because they feel that they’re taking their spots…which is bullshit. So you can sit here and say that there is no unity, but what are YOU doing to show that yourself? I don’t hear any “congrats” at all from YOU. So check yourself before you start talking that nonsense.

      Secondly, ever been to You will constantly see Rick Ro$$, Wiz, Curren$y, French Montana, etc. Or how about You’ll see Action Bronson, Mac Miller, Kendrick Lamar, Wale, etc. Point is: stop focusing so much on FSD being the ONLY outlet for artists to “get on” at. Also, these sites are not the gatekeepers to the industry as much as we think they are. Instead of complaining, offer suggestions on how the site could be better. I’m just tired of people always talking about a problem into the ground, but never come up with an idea, suggestion or solution to fix whatever the “problem” may be. Otherwise, we’ll never support each other like we should.

  • MoeMan

    @itscoolandall -Shut yo goofy ass up. Let me guess? “Mikkeys not hotter than you and yo mans that Andrew refuses to put up on the site”. U are an idiot. This is Andrews site, you are not forced to come here wit yo lame ass. Make yo own blog and blow up. Drew probably gets 100s of songs a day. He should hire you to choose what goes up tho, huh. Get yo LD ass outahere.

  • MoeMan

    @Pocketscience- I respect you. U plugged yo shit without hating. Salute.

    • pocket science

      Thanks,Gratitude, Just staying in my lane… it’s a business, the companies fronting money to the team, basically it’s a Loan. one thing that most indie labels can’t afford is not studio time, but touring fee’s, legal fee’s and paying for air time. that’s where sponsors come in!! FSD is a Sponsorship Network, support a starving artist today ..Lol. P.s The Problem w/ the Rap game is the audience…its like the dope game ….they water the sh*t down to sale you less and greater their profit. microwave rappers
      pop up every two seconds. all the same I like the fact people are inspired to make music
      it’s not as easy as you think. stop judging music by how much it sales vs. how well it sounds…
      Sincerely, Hip Hop Rules! ….again, Salute to Mikkey Halsted …. C’s UP!!


    Mikkey was on cash money back in the day when records sold & didnt pop off.. what makes yall think hes gonna capture peoples attentions today..? This could be chicago’s big chance, id hate to see him blow it.. i dont think people gonna feel him like that.. hes good but not great imo..


    actually.. change my mind.. this might be hot.. ill be looking forward for this project.. i just hope this wave doesnt stop with mikkey & that they put on some real raw talent on.. theres a lot in the chi.. they definitely need to tap into it .. outside the fsd circle.. we all know niggas here are thirsty as fuck..

  • OnMyMomma

    As sure as them Pyramid’s stand on top of that sand, iwuz jus tellin my man’s && nem dat No I.D. wuz finna Grab Mikkey ON LIFE, iknew, imean umma true Chicago fanatic when it comes to OUR [CHICAGO] Music Scene. But ididn’t see Traxster along side No I.D. tho datz chit wuz defly a curve ball. Now this “Project” um so fuckn lookn forward to, this situation [Mikkey, No .I.D. && Traxster] it’s gat dat Bump feeln when he had gat signed #FEELME!!! anyway Mikkey iz defly 1 of the hand full of TALENTED Chicago Artist that ifux wit NBS he defly gat dat Chi -Town Chit All in him yu know #BARZ!! matter fact #RealBarz. This iz defly a GOOD Look for the City iMUST say no doubt #Salute Chicago Stand Da FUCK UP!!! #iTSBiGBiTCHGETUSETOiT!!!!

  • N.E.P.H.E.W


  • PlayaPlaya

    Mikkey has about 1 good song in a 15+ year career.. good choice u dummys



  • Prince Lord

    PlayaPlaya shut yo bitch azz up. You must have Neva heard Unkrowned King,Best You Neva Heard, or DarkRoom you dumb fuck. even tho he opposition, Mikkey is the best of the best here. Im a rapper and even I can admit that.

  • antongenius

    good look mikk…..only “dues payer’s” get the good looks….way to go fam…not mad at all.

  • DrRell

    So proud of you deserve all this plus some! Haters will always hate on what they can’t be..I know that motivates you and ME! Much love

  • PlayaPlaya

    Hey queen lord.. ya i have heard that garbage excuse of an album.. i picked up the 1st unkrowned king from a flea market back when mikkey was on cash money.. sorriest piece of shit album ive heard back then.. i find it funny that dude is pushin 40 yrs old n been in the rap game since the 90’s n the only thing he has the show is liquer store.. fuck outta here chump.. my lil cousin is 21 n has been producing n rappin since he was 15.. i know anyone who is a fan of the real chi town rap scene has heard of him.. he could n has executive produced n rapped on his on debut album thats 100x rawer than anything mikk will ever do in his life..! FSD wont even post his shit cuz drew is a scary lil bitch n KNOWS my cuz would of blown the fuck up..! When he gets out.. its over for all you snake in the grass bitch ass niggas.. aint no real unity in chi.. its all bout self.. fuck yall

    • chucky moe


  • DigitalMadness

    I wish Trax would sign tre sins already… sinna way rawer than mikk.. tre sins kept the true chicago sound alive & get no props whats so ever.. dig this.. yall sleepin

    • LOL

      lol you’re retarded but your stupidity speaks for itself.

      i’m not hatin on sinna but saying that he’s lyrically better than mik is like saying soulja boy is a better lyricist than biggie or pac. Mik is a true artist and speaks from the soul and heart about REAL shit that he’s lived through and experience as sinna only talks about the same low-life BULLSHIT in every fuckin song! It doesn’t take much to rap about killin, stealin, dealin and all of that other coon ass bullshit!

      GET REAL!

  • LAVA

    two words for u cocksuckers Mick Luter


    mikkey hoot as hell but check out hardknock spittin some real shit off of drakes trust issues one of tha most underrated artist in tha chi hot as hell tho

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