Complex Presents: 10 New Chicago Rappers To Watch Out For

Ty Howard

Penned by FSD’s own Andrew Barber for Complex.

For a brief moment in the mid-aughts, it looked like Chicago was finally going to have its big moment. Kanye Westwas the hottest new thing in music, and the careers of Chicago vets Twista and Common were back and bigger than ever. Bump J landed a million dollar deal, Rhymefest was next up, and a kid from the Westside named Lupe Fiasco was blessed with a rare co-sign by Shawn Carter. The Second City appeared to be the next Atlanta. But then—well, it didn’t really happen.

However, over the past few years, Chicago has been making a major comeback. Acts like L.E.P. Bogus Boys,GLCMikkey Halsted and Naledge (Kidz In The Hall) have kept the city hot, dropping stellar projects and generating much buzz and attention for the Chi.

While you may be familiar with all the aforementioned, Complex wants to introduce you to 10 New Chicago Rappers To Watch Out For in 2012 (listed alphabetically). This new crop of MCs range from street rappers to possible crossover sensations, all of whom are ready for their respective moments in the sun. Who said there’s no love for the City of Hella Haters?

Head over to ‘Plex to check out the list and see who’s worth keeping an ear out for. Feel free to sound off below, also.


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  • ColePark

    Love it man…Chicago over EVERYTHING

  • ThaTruth

    Somebody got to explain this list to me.

    Rockie fresh, king louie, chef keef, and sir Michael rocks all buzzin.

    Let’s break down the other names

    Chance: ain’t he managed by contraband the dude who worked or works for fake shore drive. Last time I checked that was a conflict of interest. Plus what has dude put out? Sounds like boys doing each other favors

    Kids these days: they cool and got big buzz, but is that even rap?

    Project Mayhem: how these guys supposed to be new. They been rapping for at least 6 or 7 years that I know of. And if they buzzin how come tree following like 750 people and got 450 followers.

    Lil Durk: who tha fuck is that

    Treated Crew: didn’t they release like one song. Sounds like they more of an idea than established group

    And what the fuck is a toothpick clique and what kind of buzz do tris j got. The buzz of being Mikey rocks boy. Gtfoh

    What about somebody like add 2. Dude workin with 9th wonder and got consigns from common and the roots. You delusional for not including him.

  • CT

    Link for those who’d rather not go thru 3 different pages to get to this article.

  • DonMagicShawn

    Michael Dejaneiro. Next up.

  • JayMoses

    No The Boy Illinois, no G.o.D. Jewels, definitely somewhat of a fail.

  • J4

    Great list Drewski. Chi has a nice new nucleus coming up. Looks like this just push us forward. Good put on Drew.

  • kris

    I also thought The Boy Illinois and/or BrandUN Deshay could’ve made the list but pretty solid. At least it was new talent and not a buch of old ass N**** on the list.

  • OnMyMomma


  • keisha

    Straight bull shit, this why chicago is where it is now…all them niggas whack as hell

    • riot one

      co-sign keisha


    Look if u don’t know by now all these artist are cool with Andrew if u not in the circle u not getting any exposure from these Chicago blogs outside the city period!

    New artist stay on your grind and build outside chicago


    And on a final note lets see If any of the artist on the list blow up I seriously doubt it YP happy go lucky ass got a deal because he knew somebody not of talent and a buzz the nigga got no fan base he will never have a album on shelf

  • raymonski

    Where is CHOSE!!!!

  • Wordmann

    FSD don’t show love to Vic Spencer. This list is terrible. Shout out to Chance, Mensa, Treated, and YP.

  • bullshitlist

    aj will kill all them foo’s


    Well the way I see it, if the people that are on the list are not putting in work like that, but are on the list It will show #1 that the list is inaccurate #2 that the person behind the list, created the list to spotlight his favs rather than put out the truth using a major outlet.

    If the Magazine investigates and finds things to be inaccurate and not to be the truth then what???
    Is it worth your credibility and good look being put on the line, to help out a few who aren’t gonna look back one way or another??? I would think twice!!!

    Also I’m glad YP is on the list he deserves it!!! But how blatant and bias is that to put him #1
    I bet if you asked him, he would even say he would of put his self on the list anywhere but #1
    Because it tarnishes his CREDIT!!!


    • Andrew

      The list is in alphabetical order. #THINK

      Would love to see your list!

  • Drank and Dank

    I guarantee Tree is going to be a factor for years to come. I don’t know how accurate a reflection of your buzz twitter followers is, but I know when you let people hear his music that reaction is priceless. I could sit hear and tell you all kinds of shit but the proof is in the pudding, Sunday School coming soon.

  • BlahBlahBlah

    …i think Calez should be on this list don’t sleep on him that guy has more potential than most of those people on the list

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