Malik Yusef & Really Doe Win Grammy’s For “All of the Lights”

Andrew Barber

Kanye West wasn’t the only one bringing home a Grammy for “All of the Lights” last night, as two of his earliest collaborators shared in the honor. Both Malik Yusef and Really Doe, who earned writing credits on the track, will have a gramophone trophy for their mantle.

In the clip above, ‘Sef talks about his contribution to the track, and what it was like to work with Elton John. If you watched the telecast last night, then you couldn’t have missed Malik in the crowd, as he was seated in the fourth row.

Today Malik wrote a column for the Huff Post, where he talked about the honor. Read that whole thing here:

The night continued with many handshakes and daps — from Bonnie Raitt, Alicia Keys, John Legend, Wiz Khalifa to Rick Ross to name a few. Even Paris Hilton came through today, and with all due respect (that’s my girl), the value of Paris was discounted tonight as Talent and “art” (beauty) ruled the night.

It was refreshing to have Drake introduce me to his father considering they have now made amends. Every boy should have the opportunity to have a healthy relationship with his father. My thoughts raced about how my own son’s excitement of seeing my name on the big screen would quickly pass as the award went to Adele. I was reminded about having to teach our children that as long as we are in the “race,” there is still opportunity. Whitney’s tragic passing humbled me to the absence of so many others, such as Nate Dogg and Heavy D. But, it also brought me to the realization of the many more that have died nameless.


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