Twista Signs With YMCMB?

Andrew Barber

Over the past week or so, I’ve heard rumblings that Twista has inked a deal with YMCMB. Today, the fire was further fueled when Twista tweeted a picture of himself in the red YMCMB hoodie — an accessory given to all new signees.

Well, sources tell me Twista is in talks with both Def Jam and YMCMB, as there’s a lot of buzz surrounding his upcoming album, The Dark Horse. I was also told that Twista is looking for the best home for his GMG label and his stable of artists. Only time will tell…



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  • Lil Rail


  • ChiefJ4

    This shit don’t make sense at all. Mikkey Halsted, Boo & Gotti, haven’t we learned anything from the past Chicago? ANYTHING associated with Cash Money and Chicago is bad bidness!! Twista is dumb as fuck!

    West Side

    • ChiefJ4

      LOL and how the fuck you got a transparent hat? this shit little as hell, and you can see his hand through it, this photoshop shit it gettin’ outta hand! Bottom line is that Cash Money did everybody from Chicago bad, No ONE from Chicago should ever even consider signing with them!

      West Side

      • City of WIN

        Boy You Dumb As Hell That Hat Is Inside The Car Fuckhead

      • ChiefJ4

        LOL, hat aside, this a dumb ass move, especially based on Chicago Artits’ history on that label. No one wants to talk about that. So the hat is inside the car, playa’s fuck up, lol!

        West Side

  • billbixby

    if the signs with the garbage that is ymcmb, i guarantee that i wont be the only person that will never buy another CD or go to another show again

  • HU

    If this means Twista will get a bigger budget for albums and videos then great. If this means his shit will be watered down and have Lil Wayne all over it then fuck this. Mystikal spit like hell in his new Cash Money song but then Wayne came in and spit garbage. The jury is out on whether Cash Money will ruin Mystikal’s sound.

  • duh

    Ummm… That’s his refelection on a car window… The hat is inside. So are the car seats.

  • The Real Chino


  • Pig Dick Jones

    French Fried Frog Fat Face Fucka!!!!!!

  • daaaamn

    Daaamn…. twista fiinna blow the fuck up now… he gonna bring the fury regardless of labels.. twista been killing shit since early 90’s.. y’all don’t know by now..?

  • BigChucker

    As long as Twist keeps creative control and does his thing wit Trax the only thing signing to YMCMB means is better promotion and more high profile feature and for all the young GMG artist we might actually see albums from them now! Do ya THANG T.

  • Honestly Honest

    so this means lil wayne and drake will just have another ghost writer…if its true. they could just of gave him a hoodie. by the way, you forgot that strings was signed to cash money also. so that’s 4 chicago artists, also all signed at same time.

  • orlando

    I like the idea of def jam being his home.. fukk cash phoney.. & gmg isn’t looking good these days either..twistA a solo rapper for sure.. guest spot ambassador for the chi..

  • bigtig

    it dont matter where t goes hes gonna drop fire tracks and the fact is it aint final. i can see ymcmb bein able to handle what T does as a artist anyway rather see him with good music or just stay midwest no one can hold it down like the midwest

  • Chicago2012

    That doesn’t look like Twista. but, anyway, I agree with HU.

  • Chicago2012

    That doesn’t look like Twista, but, anyway, I agree with HU.

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