FSD Feature: Katie Got Bandz: Drillville

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Photos by Marc Moran

Interview by Leland Bonner (@LelandBFresh)

In a rap world that’s largely dominated by males, it’s been a while since we’ve seen a strong push from the females. But with more and more ladies stepping up to the mic and giving their male counterparts a run for their money, it’s difficult to deny their presence. Especially in Chicago.

The Chi is no stranger to female spitters — most notably Shawnna and Da Brat. Psalm One, Newsense (of PsychoDrama) and Teefa also blazed trails for the ladies, when it was becoming increasingly hard for the females to break through.

They paved the way for newcomers such as  Chella H, Sasha Go Hard, Shady, Chinchilla Meek and a handful of others. Today we catch up with one of the most notable new contributors, Katie Got Bandz.

Katie’s buzz has been building around the city with tracks like “I Need A Hitta” and the recent Lawless remix to “Ridin’ Around and We Drillin.” We caught up with the lady hitta as she discusses everything from breaking down what it means to be a drilla to her upcoming project Bandz and Hittas. Welcome to her world.

FSD: “I Need a Hitta” has become an anthem for 2012. How’s that been for you?

Katie: It’s been crazy, I only been rapping for like 10 months now so it’s kind of a new experience but I’m learning everyday, though. Actually, when I dropped “I Need a Hitta” I ain’t plan to keep on going. I was locked up when they dropped the video and when I got out of jail I had seen that I had a following so I ain’t have no choice but to keep on going. Of course I don’t want to be a one hit wonder so I just stuck with it.

FSD: Being one of the few female rappers out there, what made you want to get into the rap game?

Katie: I always kind of wanted to rap because of my big cousin. He’s actually one of my producers or whatever. He never took me seriously until I actually went in the booth. I been wanting to rap since like my pre-teen years, but now I’m 18 and really doing it.

FSD: Are there any rappers or female rappers that you’d say you compare yourself to?

Katie: Nah, not really. I never try to compare myself with other people. I just try to stay in my lane. My sound is just real Chicago, though. I been learning a lot from Chicago rappers and people already in the industry too.

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  • whatthefuck

    Sad day in Chicago Hip Hop…I drop a tear…..because ..Im one of those HATERS….Im sorry…she is a NON TALENT…..Im not supporting GABIDGE…..I dont give a FUCK where you from

  • Joey Jump Off

    Somebody told me about her and my first reaction when I seen her video was I thought it was a joke! BUT after watching more of her videos and her interviews I realized one thing…his chick is a star!…she has that special likeability that draws you in! She has a sincerity about her, she’s not traditionally beautiful or traditionally skilled as a rapper…but her look is unique and her style is unique, she has a lot of confidence (which is key) and its cute in a a fun way….she’s like the super hood ass cousin you got that you love to death! I fux with Katiiiiiiie!! Katie is gonna blow up…mark my words….and the rest of America will catch on, while Chicago will be hating as usual….up until she’s big…then they will jump on the bandwagon..cough cough *Chief Keef* * *cough cough* Lupe Fiasco *cough cough* Kanye…Chicago only supported all of them AFTER the rest of the country was already on them…..I’ll even throw Yung Berg in there…back in 05-06 I had homies in Cali up on Lupe before cats in my own neighborhood….SMH

    • Relly

      If you don’t get your ass all the way outta here with this fake spiel. You are obviously someone affiliated with her so cut out the bullshit story about how you thought she was a joke. Oh & great way to try to throw us off by talking about how she is not as pretty or skilled as other rappers. We know you’re somehow affiliated with this bullshit. Either you’re one of her friends or somebody affiliated with her camp trying to make her look good. This girl is horrible either way you try to chop it up. And NO she is not likable like a cousin, thats the dumbest shit you wrote. I heard her speak on the WGCI after party and Andrews Disrespectful Radio show and both times she sounded like she was slow. She can’t even speak or get her point across fluently. Im not into name calling but she sounded ignorant and like she was a little mentally handicapped. I don’t mind supporting a Chicago movement but I will not support pure unadulterated ignorance with no talent. Furthermore people are always comparing this new Chicago to Atlanta during the time they were hot, but remember how all of that ended. Lots of those artists received 360 deals and they are nowhere to be found today. Katie and **cough cough** Chief Keef remind me of numerous Atlanta rappers who are broke now. Like for example, D4L and Da Phranchise Boyz. Oh and they also remind me of other rappers that are from other areas of the south like the GS Boyz (Stanky Leg) and B-Hamp (Do The Ricky Bobby). These kids are buzzing right now but they won’t have any longevity. Think about it, all these popcorn rappers with minimum vocabulary are fading in and out of the game. Half of these kids getting signed will have albums that never see the light of day. Lets keep it real. There’s a reason why rappers like Jay-Z, Kanye & Drake have seen the success that they have; they make timeless music that most people can relate to. Ghetto shit can only get you so far and then your time is up! This is all FACT!

      • lowend or no end


      • LOL

        speaking from the soul. #TRUTH

      • Joey Jump Off

        Nah homie I dont know her at all…Im not in the music biz….in fact I dont even listen to this type of rap Im a Wu Tang, GangStarr, Tribe, Company Flow, Diamond D, Little Brother, Elzhi type of guy….I listen to real hip-hop…dont get it twisted Im a REAL HIP-HOP HEAD!!!..but I have a good eye for stars and charisma and Katie has it in my opinion. People like her for some reason….she has a natural swag thats not forced!

    • Randy RealTalk

      Joey Jump off you not fooling us dude. This must be your family member. hahaha There’s nothing likable about a chick or dude (chief keef) that talk like they never made it past a 4th grade education. Get on with that. But I agree with the other comment on here her and Keef will be like all those other rappers that are just for the moment and disappear after 1 year. Let me name some to refresh your memory. What ever happened to V.I.C. that had the song Get Silly, or Hurricane Chris with Hey bay bay, or Jibbs with Chain Hang Low, and the Shop Boyz that sung Party Like a Rockstar. I’ll tell you what happened they didn’t have any real talent. They music was just a temporary fad just like Katie and Keef. Dumb no talent rappers are a dime a dozen. After the label finished using them they threw them away. hahahaa. And don’t to you people that think Chief Keef better because he getting features, remember the shop boys had a lot of features on the Party Like A Rockstar remix too. Don’t let the fact that people are getting a lot of features fool you. Rappers always use the new artist that is hot at the time. Then they throw them away and never fuck with them again. Katie and Keef better get all they can at the moment because in less than a year nobody will care

  • low end or no end

    im from the wells i know her family from doolittle so i hate to shit on my own but man since when remidial rap become so hot? point blank she wack g…and its a movement of mh class slow drop out music going on i dont get it all them wrappers slow and whats even worst the only ppl that like this shit is slow too…the block nigs the lean pill poppin loud pack dumb asses that dont have no vaules on there own life let alone others the dummies that consider you a lame cause you not dumb with them…its sad that chicago is loving this shit and i cant support this she/they make music for the goofy loud bitch on the bus swearing she doing it big lookin like a clown bussin down the whole team type shit this is that wala cam bullshit channel 19 12am shit….somebody lied and told them they fresh thats bogus…..i look at it like they gettin deals cause the labels gotta do something their all tax write off artist cause i know damn well no id and ye know better than this yall need yall ass whooped GARBAGE MUSIC GO BACK TO SCHOOL SHAWTY….


    Chicago was once known for artistry and skill. i.e-Kanye (arguably one of the best producers ever, Common (highly touted globally for his lyrics and artistry., NO-ID (the Grandfather of so many GREAT Chicago producers), Lupe (arguably the wittiest man with a pen), Twista (perfected the fast flow and in his hay day made features like Drake or Wayne..or.even Shawnna (one of the BEST girls to actually be able to out rap your favorite rapper)…and I could go on…what the fuck about these Gabidge ass wack ass new breed of Retarded Rappers??..what will they be known for but being IGNANT, INARTICULATE and IMMATURE….This IS NOT a look that people want for their city!! Trust me Chicago. ….Chicago is the New ATlanta..thats some sad shit…Im starting a boycott of all of this BLACKFACE, AUNT JEMIMA ass bullshit in 5….4….3…

    • lyrics please

      crack babies!

  • heater

    check out this heat on chief it go hard! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k8h8CMjW4Pk

  • Anonymous

    Look ya’ll, fuck all dat BULLSHIT! Ignore that wack ass shit! Implicit been puttin on for the Chi for awhile with hot music, All u gotta do is listen and you’ll be hooked…Almost every DJ in the Chi said that she is better than 90% of the female MCs NOW including this lil girl ^^^^^ GO DOWNLOAD IMPLICIT NEW MIXTAPE “CAUTION” ON http://www.datpiff.com/Implicit-Caution-mixtape.346653.html IS YOU FEEL A LIL UNSURE


    • LOCK


  • Anonymous
  • dontplayurself

    Lawless Inc need to stop co-signing this weak ass shit. He has no ear for talent. Look at how her and Louie look. Like straight bums. Make ur artist at least look decent. Louie dreads so bogus and Katie is ugly as fuck and wears shirts too small with a fat tatted belly. Uggghhhh….Wat part of the game is that. No rappin ass chick is horrible. They just tryin to put any bitch on right Now. Chella, Shawnna, Sasha go Soft, and this UgggggLYYYY ass bitch need to stop it. This hot garbage!!

    • Charles Barkley

      LMAO at “sasha go soft”

  • Pig Dick Jones

    Andrew said she is the Lauryn Hill of Chicago…

    • LOL

      that’s because andrew is a fag

  • Yo

    Rappin fo 10 months huh……..sound more like 10 days…

  • Post Temper music on here

    Temper is female rapper that go hard and she still not fsd approved but they post bullshit like Katie thats not saying shit. Temper ass is making mini movies and she rap better than 99.9% of men too.


    • TIM


  • Tha Guyz

    Chin Chilla Meek is the only female artist worth speaking of right now, because of her talent. All the other females are just real, but have no talent, BUT at the same time can make catchy lyrics. So I give them that.

    • Tha Bosses

      You crazy as hell for that shit. Chin Chilla Meek is alright but her bars are basic. @Temper3009 go stupid harder than niggas and bitches. Check her shit out at youtube.com/Temper3k9. Even Meek gave Temper her props so chill out.

      • dat bitch

        Oh yeah I forgot Temper dats my Bitch she go hard and so what if her sexual preference isn’t the same as yours she’s a MF artist. She shoots hot videos, acts, spits and so on! There is for sure a difference between being a rapper and an artist and Temper is an artist!

    • Jay R.

      @Dat Bitch—-
      We know its u Temper. Stay off this site trolling and hating on other
      female rappers. We know you still bitter bc they wont post your songs
      but get over it. Katie is a youngsta & she plugged. U to old to be hating on
      kids. And I gave yo music a chance u not a artist u a rapper just like Katie.
      U not talkin bout nothing unique or different beside rapping that dyke shit.
      We dont wanna hear u rappin bout yo imaginary penis ma. Stop tryna justify
      yo fag bars by claiming u a artist. U not. Murda Meek go 10 times harder than
      u. We don’t wanna see a Boy Girl transvestite rap. Now go fix my a samich & go
      clean my house. Take that rainbow shit off this page & stop hating on Katie.
      Somebody like her bc she buzzing all over the city & she was apart of the MTV2
      showcase last week with the best from the city. U mad u wasnt apart of it

    • Jay R.

      @Dat Bitch——-
      We know its u Temper. Stay off this site trolling and hating on other
      female rappers. We know you still bitter bc they wont post your songs
      but get over it. Katie is a youngsta & she plugged. U to old to be hating on
      kids. And I gave yo music a chance u not a artist u a rapper just like Katie.
      U not talkin bout nothing unique or different beside rapping that dyke shit.
      We dont wanna hear u rappin bout yo imaginary penis ma. Stop tryna justify
      yo fag bars by claiming u a artist. U not. Murda Meek go 10 times harder than
      u. We don’t wanna see a Boy Girl transvestite rap. Now go fix my a samich & go
      clean my house. Take that rainbow shit off this page & stop hating on Katie.
      Somebody like her bc she buzzing all over the city & she was apart of the MTV2
      showcase last week with the best from the city. U mad u wasnt apart of it


    These new artist aka the new Chicago is giving our city a very bad look! I know the world and the music industry is coming to an end if this is where the game is going. I mean if you a lyrical artist cool, If you a street artist cool, but WTF is this Garbage! LEP COUNT AND MOONIE are street niggas that rap about real life encounters and make it sound damn good. These new rappers because they are not artist are babbling over the mic. I can’t even understand what half of these artist are saying because they sound illiterate! It’s sad especially when you have artist like Bump J free my nigg, Marvo, Sinatris, Kid, Big T, Bitches like Chinchilla Meek, L Streetz, Shawnna, Tina B, Go Getta, and the list goes on spitting that real shit but this is the shit that’s poppin GTFOH! Katie Got Bandz said that she’s been rapping for 10 months that’s more like 10 seconds and she getting recognition and haven’t put any work in. It frustrates me and I am appalled! I can say this I won’t have to be for long because these artist careers is what’s now not the future. Nuff said ova and out!

  • M. Earl

    People on this site kill me…. Everybody that’s being names that you all CLAIM “go harder” get the same kind of hatful comments when they music or videos are posted. So WHO do you people really support? Or think has talent? Cause obviously it seems like nobodies good enough in you guys eyes…

    • Truth Hurts

      Shut up. U must be affiliated with her. At the end of the day a lot of artists get shown love on here. Only the ones that are truly garbage, such as Katie, get slammed. I don’t even know if we can call this music. This is pitiful. My baby cousin can rap better than this.

  • Truth Hurts

    Correction: My baby cousin can rap better than her.

  • M. Earl

    Ummmmm I never said she was good or anything of the such! I asked a simple question and I get your ignorance…

  • Hustleminded

    ……SERIOUSLY???….If this broad Katie can rap then my unborn child is the next Tupac!!!….the fuck is wrong with people?? SHE”Z FUCKIN HOOOOORRRRIIIIBBBLLLEEE!!!! I Would rather be deaf than listen to this bitch! not at all hating just stating the obvious facts!! She raps like she sounds….fuckin retarded!! Down syndrome lookin…..potbelly having….no booty no bars..no sex appeal….just NOTHING! That video where she had a lil .22 made her look even LAMER better off flippin them burgers behind the scene cuz rap is NOT your “Talent”……crazy thing is i seen this bitch on 71st n Halsted…didnt even aknowledge the retarded lookin broad…..believe me she looks much worse in person…..MBEEZY said dat!!!!!!!

  • YaYa White _Going Ham

      ya ya white said it…she folks….thats all it is the g’s wanna see one of the shawty’s get doe thats all…..realtalk tho folks need to tell her the truth str8 up and get her back in school so she can become a grown woman some day this aint wassup……

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