Common’s One Day It’ll All Make Sense Turns 15

Andrew Barber

If you know me personally, or have followed the site over the past five (gasp!) years, then you’re surely aware of my fondness for Common’s One Day It’ll All Make Sense album. But when circling back and perusing through Com’s illustrious catalog, One Day is often overlooked as one of his bests. Thinking back some 15 years, I remember rap peers claiming Common was ‘reaching’ too hard for that commercial audience, caught between the keeping-it-real-isms of Resurrection and the jiggy soundscapes that dominated 1997.

I wasn’t trying to hear that. I loved this album, period point blank. I don’t know if it was my age, where I was at that point in my life, or how the album reminds me not of Sef, but instead the fall weather that rolls around every year about this time. I crack this one open every late September and early October, no matter the year. I loved everything from the nostalgia invoked on the cover art and inserts, to the color schemes the marketing team at Relativity and Com chose to roll with.

Common was becoming a man on this album, putting the brew and the beef of his youth behind him to enter into fatherhood. He was still having fun on the mic, but his voice was different. His flow and demeanor more mature. No I.D. handled the bulk of the production on the album, and despite the slight change in sound from Resurrection, they’d found their groove and created a new and improved sound. It’s unfortunate it took them almost 15 years to get back in the lab. Many of these beats still remain some of my favorite from Dion, even though he may not agree.

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  • merk

    Dope piece. by far my fav common album

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