Chief Keef Sentenced To Two Months For Probation Violation

Andrew Barber


Keef was sentenced today for a probation violation, stemming from a 2011 gun charge. He will spend two months in the Illinois Youth Center in St. Charles.

Says Complex:

According to Idris “Peeda Pan” Abdul Wahid, a member of the rapper’s management team, Keith Cozart (a.k.a.Chief Keef) was sentenced today to two months at the Illinois Youth Center in St. Charles, Illinois.

The rapper was convicted of a parole violation on Tuesday, after he was filmed holding a rifle at a gun range during an interview with Pitchfork.TV. Handling firearms was a violation of his probation.

Update: While DNAInfo, the Tribune and the Sun-Times have all reported that Keef was “sobbing” in court, FSD sources in the courtroom refute their claims:

“His (Keef’s) Mom was crying, that’s it”


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  • Globoy

    Lol Andrew get off his dick dat nigga was cryin according 2 all dem REAL news sites u tryin yo best 2 save da lil nigga tho lmao a “fsd representitive” rite

  • flopstardamus

    So what if he was crying? He’s a kid about to get locked up. It would be weird if he didn’t.

  • Inthefield

    @flopstardamus because no real nigga would cry over a 2month sentence

  • datdude

    LOL at Andrew trying to save Keef’s image lmao!!!

  • flopstardamus

    But suppose he’s not a real nigga and just a regular nigga. Wouldn’t crying be a normal thing for someone to do when they are in a pinch? I find it disturbing that fake shore drive is more interest in protecting Chief Keef’s image or brand than Chief Keef’s general well being. Juvy is no joke. Juvy is pretty fucked up. It ain’t no MacDonald’s playhouse. That’s at the heart of the whole hipster blogger/race debate. A lot of these writers care more about using Chief Keef the caricature to build readership. They often overlook the humanistic aspect of it all. They are removed from the consequences.

  • Will Is Chillin’

    The only reason its a big deal is because Chief himself perpetuates the caricature of this real thuggin ass dude, whether or not blogs use it to gain readers.
    Chicago Hip Hop

  • Freechiefkeef

    Chief keef was not crying. It’s only two months in a kids jail plus he’ll have special treatment since he’s rich and famous. He has been to jail before so this is just a walk through a park for him. When the judge told him about his 2 month detention, he just stood there with a straight face and got handcuffed. Nothing major. U people trying to put a nigga down and shit y’all just hating because he’s young and getting headlines. Fuck the haterz!!! Free chief keef #300

  • userious

    rich & famous? this dudes album bricked and he’s a few million in debt to interscope

    yeah he’s not rich you dumb fuck


    So was his mother also the one who pleaded with the judge saying: “I am a very good-hearted person”, or “I am sorry for anything that I have done wrong. … Give me a chance.”? I don’t think those credible news sources have any reason to lie in this particular case. We understand you’re acting as part of his publicist team to help repair his now damaged “street-cred”, but damn that was a lame attempt. Shame on you bloggers for using Keef and smiling in his face while making fun of him behind his back. Bloggers (Pitchfork) played a huge role in this unfortunate situation even taking place. You love sitting behind your computer n making our culture a big joke, but when whig gets real nobody wants to take responsibility.

    • flopstardamus

      ^^^ What he said. Why would The Sun Times lie? Who’s this “Source” in the court room? Are they part of Chief Keef’s “entourage”? Man, the lack of humanity some bloggers will show just to get views. This poor kids life is being ruined all in the name of “selling records” which he isn’t doing anyways. Chief Keef cried in court. Allow him to be human in his darkest hour. That’s the least you can do.

  • HU

    I wonder if the kids in jail will murder Keef for being a modern day coon the same way the Mau Maus took out Mantan the stepdancing coon in Bamboozled. That would give me hope for the youth.

    As far as crying, if he did that shows there’s some hope for this kid. But if he’s a so called “real nigga” which is the same as saying “certified piece of shit” then all hope is lost and he will end up dead or in jail. Point blank period.

  • Verde

    @HU great Bamboozled reference but I highly doubt that. If if they did attempt to get at him it would not be fueled by his coonery and their need to eradicate it. Surely will stem from hatred of his relative success or basic street/gang bickering. HOWEVER, if they did pull a Mau Mau on him for coonery I would certainly be hopeful for the youth but still a lil salty another boy would have lost his life

  • georgejon

    Lmao @ tha barb trying to save his street cred… Which he has none to begin with anyways… I don’t consider myself a “real nigga” by any means but … When I was a kid I got myself into some real shit.. I was facing 10+ years in prison over some shit I was barely affiliated with.. luckily I got off easy… But not once did I ever sob or cry like a lil bitch.. i took it like a man.. if he thinks he a big nigga doing big nigga things.. he needs to know how to take that shit like a man.. 2 months in juvie ain’t shit.. he’ll be out making money again in no time.. besides I have no idea what the hype over him is anyways.. his music sucks.. its for pre-pube teens.. I listen to real hip hop.. which gets no respect these days .. so fuck yall haha… Cry baby ass lil bitch.. don’t do the crime if u can’t do the time lil nigga… Peace!

  • Boeshaun Wilson

    Cheif keef dat nigga niggaz mad cuz he yung doing more shit in his 17 years out here then dey did in dey whole life free my nigga #300 gbe dat shit

    • georgejon

      I don’t honor what that “nigga” does to make that money though… He spits bullshit over a beat… WOW.. I respect the guy that gets up & goes to work everyday .. you lil niggas are lost..

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