How to Reinstall Microsoft Windows on a Dell Computer

Chris Taylor

The article intends to explain the procedure of reinstalling the Microsoft Windows OS on a Dell computer. The methods described here are simple and proper to the date. it’s still recommended that users follow the instructions carefully to perform the specified task without bumping into common Dell PC problems and consequently switching between Dell tech support and Microsoft technical help services for help. Well there are many smart phone, PC , Ipad Repair expert available to help you. Thе best advice іѕ tо buy biggest monitor уоu саn afford. Poor quality screens mау flicker аnd саuѕе eye-strain, colour аnd brightness wіll bе uneven асrоѕѕ thе image area, аnd thеу mау bе difficult tо calibrate. And hеrе уоu gеt thе best monitors tо reduce eye strain.

Have you already exhausted your disk drive or want to try to to it now so as to reinstall Microsoft Windows on your Dell computer? If yes, then you certainly need help doing it within the proper manner as installation or reinstallation of an OS is that the most sensitive process. it’s to be administered smoothly from start to finish . Failing of which can end in serious problems together with your computer. don’t be concerned the below-mentioned guide will assist you reinstall Microsoft Windows on your Dell computer within the easiest manner. This essentially means you are doing not need spending time on the phone with Dell tech support to assist you do so. Tо gеt best repair services look оut fоr Sydney соmрutеr support, known fоr thеіr qualified аnd experienced staff аnd satisfactory services. Thеrе іѕ abundance оf qualified аnd skilled соmрutеr technicians іn Sydney аlwауѕ rеаdу tо help уоu gеt оut оf уоur соmрutеr problems. Visit PC Revive: pc repair store for more detail.


Before we start with the re-installation procedure, we totally assume that you simply have already protected all of your data to an external media of your choice before wiping out the disk drive .

It must be noted that if you perform a manual re-installation like this, you’ll not be ready to restore your Dell computer to factory settings or perform a PC restore. Therefore, it’s recommended to either do a system restore or restore to factory settings to resolve the matter before doing the re-installation. If the matter isn’t resolved, advance to the instructions below.

1.You must have the first Microsoft Windows 10 disk (from Dell) or Dell system restore disk for reinstalling the OS on your computer. If you do not have the disk, then contact Dell’s help & support services to send you a replacement one. If you have the disk but not the original window, then you after installing the pirated window, you can upgrade it into original one just by buy windows 10 product key.

2. Disconnect all the external devices attached to your Dell PC. Insert the Windows 10 disk into the optical drive and reboot (restart) your computer. When the Setup screen comes up, hit Enter on the keyboard. When the Windows XP contract window comes up, read through the license (if you actually want as you want to have already skilled it), scroll right down to the top , press the F8 key on the keyboard to simply accept the terms and agreement, then click on I Accept or whatever option you see there to proceed.

3. This will open up the disk partition screen. it’s going to include PC restore or MediaDirect among other options, counting on the configuration of your computer. Select the most important partition then hit Enter on the keyboard. When prompted, you’ll prefer to reformat your disk drive using Format the partition using the NTFS filing system (Quick) or FAT option. it’s strongly recommended to settle on NTFS. The Setup program will automatically format the disk drive and restart the pc when finished. Since it’s going to take an honest amount of your time , twiddling my thumbs , and wait until the pc has fully reloaded (after rebooting).

4. When the pc has rebooted, the reinstallation will continue. Choose your regional language option and input all other required information and click on on subsequent button. Follow all the instructions carefully and input all the knowledge correctly.

5. When the Windows has successfully reinstalled on your Dell computer, hook up with the web and download all the newest updates from Microsoft’s website. Now install Dell drivers also as other applications one by one. you’ll either use the Dell Resource CD to put in the drivers or download these from the Dell website. Install the newest and compatible drivers for your Windows OS . When done, attach your backup media (that you protected the info to) and restore all the info . Install other applications also as Outlook, Microsoft Office, etc. if needed.

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