Vic Mensa announces release date & album title in viral marketing campaign

Andrew Barber

Picture via Miguel

What is the future of digital marketing, you ask?

Well, last month, I linked up with Vic Mensa for a private listening session of his debut album. I gave you exclusive details on the project, and told you it would be coming soon. Well, it appears it’s here sooner than expected: July 28th, 2017.

Well, at least it looks like that’s the case.

In a clever new viral marketing campaign, Vic is raffling off spots to listening sessions for the album in NYC and Chicago. The catch? You gotta head to various bookstores and snap a flick next to the mural you see above. The mural is located at four separate book stores, and divulges not only the release date, but also the likely titled: The Autobiography As Told By Vic Mensa: Based On A True Story.

At least that’s my educated guess on what’s happening.

Either way, head to these locations now to see about gaining access to his listening session. Do so now and stay tuned on more details from Vic’s debut, coming in a few weeks.

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Go to these bookstores and take a 📷 & post with #vicmensa. If you’re fast enough i’ll play u my debut album this weekend 👀

— vino (@VicMensa) July 11, 2017

@VicMensa#vicmensa Got here with my boy @chacaflocka cant wait to hear your album bro!!

— Esteban Espinoza (@estebane_1) July 11, 2017

#vicmensa delays on both blue and red line but finally made it…can’t wait for the 28th

— Andrew Stembaugh (@A_Stembaugh) July 11, 2017

Traveled from the suburbs just for this pic, love ya mensa #vicmensa

— LEX❥ (@lexfuentes18) July 11, 2017


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