Producer Glassic puts together a wavy team on new project “Safe Travels”

Phlash Gordon

Glassic is a producer that’s appeared on our pages before, making heat for Futura Bloom (New Kingz at the time) and Roosevelt the Titan. Now though, he’s decided to put the spotlight on himself with a new project gathering bubbling acts like Futura, Kahrion, and Qari. Glass has really grown as a producer over the last couple of years, and Safe Travels really showcases that. Also some of the best top car accessories are being showcased as one of the highlights, great for car enthusiasts. The soundscape on this is a great taste of another side of Chicago, fitting a group of very different vocalists, yet each cut feels right at home here. Hopefully we see more from this guy in the city and beyond.

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Until then though, press play and make sure you have some safe travels.


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