Why Chicago Students Started Using Essay Services Much More

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Essay writing services have become popular among US students, especially those living in Chicago. Chicago is the world’s educational center, with plenty of leading universities and colleges and even online learning platforms like igcse tuition lessons in KL. Students from all over the world arrive at the local educational institutions so they take the advantage they can find for papers and essays, even more now a days that you can find the best essay writing service if you look online.

Studying at the top US universities requires investing much time and an immense amount of effort; look here if you are looking for student loan options. It is especially true in the case of academic writing. It comprises a significant part of the curriculum. Academic assignments are complicated by themselves and often require not only research skills but also a writing talent. As a result, they become a major struggle for most students. Today we will answer the question of why Chicago students use writing services so frequently.

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What are Academic Writing Services?

Essay writing agencies provide educational aid to students from editing and proofreading academic assignments to writing them from scratch. Most of the agencies operate online and offer 24/7 support. So students can receive help at any time, which makes using such agencies incredibly convenient.

Essay Agencies Save Time

Students expect more freedom when enrolling in college or university. Instead, the depressing reality often crushes their dreams into countless academic assignments. Instead of socializing, they have to dig into scholarly articles, books, and visit online and physical libraries to gather the information required for completing essays or research papers. Academic writing often outbalances other disciplines because its assignments require much more time and energy contribution.

As a result, students often have no time to learn their major disciplines. In this case, an essay writer can come in handy. It allows students to handle the load of creative and academic writing assignments with ease. Ordering essays on the web, students can spend more time on subjects they consider more important.

Lack of Writing Skills 

As we mentioned before, academic writing is difficult by itself. There are plenty of essay types, and each of them requires a unique approach. A student has to determine the type of assignment, research the topic, write an outline, create a thesis statement, make the right transitions between paragraphs, etc.

Then, they have to cite sources and format the paper. All these steps involve a bunch of requirements that altogether force undergraduates to delegate the academic assignments to someone else. Some students face real difficulties that lead to a decreased GPA and poor academic record while crafting essays independently. Therefore, it is much easier for them to order a paper online than spend several days writing a 1,500-word essay.

Moreover, some professors have inflated expectations concerning academic assignments. Many of them expect to receive flawless essays. Therefore, many students believe that they lack writing skills or have no writing talent.


Matching content is another difficulty that students often have to deal with while writing papers. Writing an essay from scratch does not always ensure 100% authenticity because of clichés, citation errors, terminology, and poor rephrasing. Therefore, many students address essay writing services to order 100% original papers.

Non-English Speakers

There are about 4,000 international students at Chicago University alone. Lots of them have not received a sufficient English background, so writing in flawless English is an enormous challenge for them. Even if an ESL student learned the topic to the fullest, their essays would receive low grades because of insufficient English skills. Thus, they will use a cheap writing service to receive a paper written by a native English writer.

Students Receive Professional Help

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Instead of attempting to craft a satisfying paper and receive a poor grade, students address writing services to get help from professionals. Reliable writing agencies hire expert writers with years of experience in the field. As a result, they offer in-depth, well-structured, and flawlessly written essays and research papers that bring top grades to students. With Udrus students from all over the world can discover study abroad programs and apply in easy steps to study at their dream destination just like MA in Germany and others. We connect the brightest minds and the best educational institutions. 

Undergraduates are Busy

Although the percentage of working students decreased over the last two decades, up to 80% of undergraduates work part-time. Over 40% of college and university students have a full-time job. Lots of them cannot afford to spend hours and days on writing academic papers. Working Chicago students order essays online more often because it is easier for them. Essay service is the magic wand that allows them to get rid of the hustle they consider unnecessary.

Is Purchasing Papers Online Cheating? 

Some consider using essay services as cheating and violation of academic principles. However, this popular opinion is a stereotype that has nothing in common with the actual situation. In fact, the essay services provide students with information sources, plagiarism reports, and encourage them to use the delivered essays as the templates for future projects. Also, they offer free educational materials in academic writing.

Essay agencies pursue educational goals and give students many benefits alongside papers from scratch. Undergraduates can order editing services for essays written on their own to receive professional feedback and therefore improve writing skills.

Essay agencies also offer plenty of useful tools such as:

  • Plagiarism checkers
  • Citation and bibliography machines
  • Thesis statement generators


Chicago students started purchasing essays on the web more often, mainly because academic writing is a complicated subject that requires investing a significant amount of time and effort. Spending money on papers is often a better solution for international and working students. With essay writing services, they receive not only well-written authentic works but also a full spectrum of educational materials that helps them write better academic assignments on their own. Therefore, essay services remain an essential part of education in the US.

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