6 Intersections to Be Cautious at in Chicago

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Intersections have time and again been reported to have the highest prevalence of accidents. These accidents are often a result of poor road designs, among other causes. In Chicago, some intersections have been noted to have a marginally higher number of vehicular accidents than others. If you’re a truck driver, you can learn a lot of accident prevention from professional driving courses, like those hgv training courses, for example.

To prevent such road accidents it is recommended to install some security barricades like the ones at https://protogetic.com/marketplace/vehicle-barriers/retractable-bollards/ for additional protection. Technological innovations such as ELDs can also be installed in their commercial trucks. These are best for small fleets who are in constant need to drive. Aside from that, trucking companies should carefully choose the drivers they’re hiring for their CDL A Company Truck Driver Positions. This way, only the ones that have adequate training and experience will be on the road. They should also have commercial truck insurance coverage in case of accidents or vehicle damages. Furthermore, these drivers should always have the contact information of a 24 Hour Truck Road Service center in case their vehicles break down.

When passing through dangerous intersections in Chicago, drivers and passengers are advised to be extra vigilant especially if you are carrying overweight cargo. Always make sure that you have Overweight Permits on hand. As a stranger to Chicago, you may be unaware of these intersections, and that may put you at risk of being involved in an accident. 

Whether you are a pedestrian or a driver, here are six intersections to be extra careful at while visiting Chicago to prevent having a Car accident.

What Makes These Intersections More Dangerous

Each intersection is structured differently, and several factors could lead to them being perilous to their users. Some of the causes are the following:

  • Lack of or unclear signage
  • Faulty road signals
  • Lack of crosswalks
  • Lack of bicycle lanes

Some of the Most Dangerous Intersections in Chicago

1. Cicero and I-55

Despite being equipped with red light cameras, Cicero remains to be one of the most dangerous intersections. This is because trucks often mess up the traffic. You, therefore, have to be cautious when using the roads there.

If you unfortunately got involved in a truck accident, contacting an 18 wheeler accident attorney is definitely an essential.

2. Belmont and Kedzie

Located right below the Kennedy Underpass, Belmont is considered dangerous due to its structure, making it very difficult to see the cars coming into the road from the intersection.

3. Irving Park, Cicero, and Milwaukee

This intersection is famous for its six corners. Its numerous shopping centers and side streets are hazardous to drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians. As a pedestrian, it’s essential to know what is comparative negligence rule so when things go sideways, you won’t easily be swayed. 

This intersection at Irving Park consists of four traffic lanes, bus stops, and off-street parking. It, however, has no traffic lanes for bikers. It also lacks crosswalks between and across each road. You most certainly have to be careful while navigating this intersection.

4. Stony Island, 79th, and South Chicago

This six-way intersection is made critically dangerous by the beams from the Chicago Skyway. The beams make it very difficult for drivers to see oncoming vehicles. Moreover, this area’s signs and traffic lights are difficult to read, increasing the risks of an accident. 

Despite having crosswalks, this intersection lacks biker’s lanes, which poses a threat to both bikers and drivers.

5. Western and Peterson Avenue

This intersection allows up to four lanes of traffic on either side of the road, making it more dangerous. Numerous car dealerships are based around this intersection, and people on test drives increase the safety risks in this intersection. 

The street signs in this intersection are challenging to read, and there are no bike lanes, which poses a significant threat to cyclists, bikers, and even drivers. On the bright side, there are crosswalks on all sides of the intersections, which reduces the safety risks.

6. North, Damen, and Milwaukee

According to reports, this intersection is always noisy and packed up with traffic in three different directions. Five roads converge at this intersection, making it one of the busiest intersections in Chicago. Using it for the first time may be very hectic, frustrating, and potentially dangerous.

What to Do if You Get into an Accident at These Intersections

If you are visiting Chicago and are involved in an accident in any of these intersections and you car is totally destroyed, make sure that you did not obtain any injuries and call a car tow dublin to handle your vehicle. It may be intimidating since you are unaware of the law concerning personal injury and car accidents and unsure of what steps to take. If you’re dealing with pain in your body because of the injuries, QC Kinetix may be able to assist you, click site to learn more. 

If this is the case, you will find it very helpful to contact a lawyer. An excellent car accident attorney will ensure that you get full compensation for your injuries and losses without colossal hassle.

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