How to Protect Yourself from Objects When You Drive

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There are plenty of risks to think about when you’re on the roadways as is, but one that tends to go under-the-radar as far as recognizing its severity is what happens when an object hits your vehicle. This could refer to a situation where you’re driving, and something flies off another vehicle hitting you. It could also be what happens if you were to hit something already in the road. Whichever the case, it helps a ton if you know there are legal professionals, like manhattan car accident attorneys, who can back you up when things go sideways on the road.

Regardless, it can be dangerous or even potentially deadly.

The following are things to know about getting hit by debris or hitting objects while you’re driving.

Loose Objects

Loose objects flying from other vehicles are frequently responsible for injuries and accidents. When you get in your car, you probably take several steps to reduce your risks, like wearing your seatbelt. Unfortunately, many of the most commonly utilized steps to keep you safe on the roadway won’t do anything for you if a flying or unsecured object hits you.

Flatbed trucks are one of the riskiest types of vehicles to be behind when items come loose.

Flatbed trucks will carry large cargo items, and they’re usually strapped on pretty awkwardly. Machinery and lumber are too good examples.

If someone didn’t secure these large items correctly, the result could be that they fall off and directly hit a vehicle or cause a car to swerve and get into an accident.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration does have regulations for how to attach this type of cargo on a flatbed truck, but as we all know, that doesn’t mean everyone follows the regulations.

It’s not just flatbeds that pose a risk. SUVs and cars might be carrying cargo, or they could have something like a bike rack. If a person didn’t properly secure their bike rack or the bike itself, it can come off and crash into a vehicle behind it.

If you were to be hit by a flying or loose object, who’s responsible?

The driver may be at fault. If the person didn’t properly secure the item and that led to it come off, they may be liable. Additionally, if their driving led to something coming loose, this can be an instance where it’s the other driver’s fault.

If a company’s vehicle is the one that produces the flying debris, then the company may be liable for the actions of the employee.

Researching on a site for an experienced professional attorney like Bob Bratt and cooperating with him will help you better understand whether the driver or their employer may be responsible, or perhaps if there’s liability for both.

Items Within a Vehicle Itself

Loose items aren’t just an issue when they fly off a vehicle in front of you. They can also be a problem within your vehicle. For example, there are stories of children being injured when vehicle drivers are in an accident, and then something like a cell phone within the vehicle hits them.

Other items that are often in a car that could be a risk during an accident include navigation devices, books, laptops, groceries, and even a passenger who’s not secured.

The unsecured passenger is at risk, and they can become a danger to everyone else in the vehicle with them. According to the American Medical Association, unrestrained passengers can be like a deadly projectile during an accident.

To reduce the risks of objects within a vehicle becoming a dangerous projectile, ensure you secure everything not attached to the vehicle before you start driving.

Windshield Damage

When you’re on the roadways, your windshield can sustain damage and you will need to have it fixed in an auto glass repair shop even if it’s not severe.

To avoid getting hit by anything airborne, including smaller items, the most important rule of thumb is always to make sure you’re keeping a safe following distance.

You don’t want to tailgate because, along with the risk of objects being greater, it puts you at risk of being in other types of accidents.

If you’re following too closely and the car in front of you kicks up even a tiny rock, it can damage your windshield.

When you’re driving around construction zones, you need to be very cautious and mindful. Follow the reduced speed limits because otherwise, you could be hit by sharp objects like nails or bolts. They could crack or shatter your windshield, but if you’re going more slowly, this risk is lower. In situation like this, you may need to call Aaron Auto Glass for a windshield replacement.

If there is a big truck in front of you and you notice it has, for example, mudflaps that are damaged, too short or completely missing, it can send debris on the roadway flying.

Objects In the Road

If you’re driving, some risks can come from objects being in the road, in addition to the potential for things to fly and hit you.

Animals and, in particular, deer are a significant cause of roadway accidents. The number of drivers involved in accidents with deer continues to go up every year as communities spread into previously uninhabited areas.

Even if you don’t live in a rural area, you have to be cautious about deer, especially at night and in the early morning.

If you’re close to an animal when you notice it, try to avoid slamming on your brakes. That can cause your vehicle to skid, or it might lead the car behind you to rear-end you.

If you do end up hitting an animal, pull over, check for damage, and call local law enforcement if you need to.

There are often unidentified objects on roadways, especially highways and interstates. Even something small, like a bag or piece of garbage, can scare you if it’s flying toward you. That can then put you at risk of being in an accident.

Overall the biggest takeaways from all this are that there are often objects in the road, which can be anything from a pebble to an animal that can cause accidents and damage to your car. If that happens, you need to report it, check everyone for injuries and look for an auto collision repair shop. You may also need to look for a VW Auto services center if your Volkswagen vehicle needs repair.

Watch out for what’s going on around you and never follow too closely to a vehicle in front of you, and especially not a truck loaded with cargo.

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