Seven Reasons to Go to the Chicago Auto Show

FSD Staff

Owning a car isn’t always fun. Owning a car means knowing what to do if you’re in an accident, it likely requires you to make a monthly car payment, and you have to deal with additional expenses like washing your car, having the oil changed, and making repairs.

It’s time to have some fun when it comes to cars! The Chicago Auto Show is finally back after a hiatus due to COVID-19. Held every year, it’s definitely worth a trip, even if you aren’t a car buff. If you’re seeking for sites where to sell your car, there are reliable ones such as sell my car.

Find Your Next Car

One of the best reasons to go to the Chicago Auto Show is to scope out your next car! Many lots focus on certain car brands, which means you can’t see everything you want in one trip. At the car show, you can see them all, and you can see them all together, which means you can compare them all to each other in real life. If you fell in love with one of those cars, you can actually make it yours by conveniently selling your old cars on sites such as sell my car Las Vegas.

Another reason to shop for your next car at the car show instead of on the lot is that you can do it at your own pace. There are no car salesmen to hassle you, so you can truly focus on the car. There’s no pressure either. You aren’t going to buy a car at the Chicago Auto Show, so there’s no need to get worked up over how much it costs or whether you’re making the right decision.

See Brand-New Makes and Models

There are a lot of cars at the Chicago Auto Show, many of which will look familiar. Car makers often tweak and update existing models because they are popular and well-loved. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to drive a tried-and-true car, but there are new makes and models to explore.

For example, at the 2021 car show, the Kia Seltos was featured. It might just be the car for you, once you see that it’s bigger inside than most small SUVs. Not to mention, it’s priced at less than $30,000.

You may be able to see a brand-new car company, or at least one that isn’t readily available where you live. For example, Tesla vehicles have to be special ordered in many areas, but you can actually get up close and personal with many different models at the auto show.

See Concept Cars

Arguably the coolest cars to see at the Chicago Auto Show are the concept cars! You aren’t going to see these cars on any lot, and unless you go to the auto show, you’ll likely never see them in person. It’s worth the trip just to see these vehicles up-close-and-personal!

Some concept cars look like regular cars on the outside, but hold huge surprises inside. Others look like they are straight from the future at first glance. Some of these features fade away as soon as they are displayed, but some features become standard. It’s a fun way to see where the direction of cars may go. You should also see Gorilla Gasket homepage here if you’re looking for gaskets that are available in a variety of sizes and materials.

Learn the Latest About New Cars

Want to learn about cars? Going to the auto show is one of the best places to do it. Nowhere else are you going to be surrounded by people who know more about cars. You can learn about features without feeling pressure from a salesperson at the lot. You don’t have to rely on mechanics either, and you don’t have to feel bad asking your car mechanic friend when you know they get tired of answering questions all the time. After looking at everything, you can then go to dealers like Bluff Road Auto Sales and ask if they have it in their inventory.

Learn About New Tech

Not only can you learn more about the style and mechanics of the latest cars, you can learn about the newest tech too! Some of the coolest car technologies featured at the latest Chicago Auto Show include:

  • Advanced driver assist systems
  • Teen driver technology
  • Exit warnings
  • Wireless smartphone charger
  • 360-degree camera
  • Video rear view mirror
  • Stolen vehicle tracking software

Nowhere else in the world is better if you want to talk car tech! Salespeople may know the technology each car contains, but only the experts at the auto show can truly answer your questions and tell you everything you could ever want to know about the latest car technology.

There’s More Than Just Cars

The main draw at the Chicago Auto Show are the cars. Even those who aren’t car people are likely to be mesmerized by all the shiny new vehicle models, but there are other things to do too.

You’ll find a festival atmosphere if you stick around in the evening where food trucks, local breweries, and live music take over, making it a great option for a date night, even if your partner isn’t all that into vehicles.

It’s not just cars sitting around on pedestals either. You’ll find test tracks and technology demonstrations, which can be a lot of fun if you have never seen luxury cars in action, in person.

You can do good too! There was a blood drive at the latest auto show, giving guests the opportunity to give back while browsing cool new cars.

It’s Great For Kids

The Chicago Auto Show is great for car geeks, but it’s great for others too, and that includes kids!

Young kids may not care much about food trucks and they can’t enjoy a beer from a local brewery, but you can bet they will be fascinated when cars take to the track. Little kids will love that they can sit in many of the brand-new cars and act like they are driving, while tech-savvy teens are likely to enjoy the technology demonstrations.

That’s not all! The latest Chicago Auto Show featured an adoption event, which means the kids get to see and play with cute puppies while you look at the coolest new cars!

Don’t think you have to be a car buff in order to go to the Chicago Auto Show. It’s back and stronger than ever with vehicles and activities that appeal to all ages. Head to the auto show next year and you’ll be glad you did!


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