6 Fundraising Event Ideas For Your Charity

FSD Staff

Due to the economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, many charitable organizations have struggled to keep their doors open or raise the funds needed to do meaningful work in their communities.

If your nonprofit or charity has seen a clear dip in contributions over the past year or so, you may be looking to boost your finances with a few fundraising events.

Fortunately, there are dozens of events that could help you bring in money; and in all likelihood, there are plenty of people in your community who would be willing to pitch in and take part in these events.

Here are six of the top fundraising event ideas to consider for your charity!

1. Hold a silent auction

A silent auction can be a fantastic way to bring in significant funds for your charity. Of course, the key to creating a successful silent charity auction is to organize your event well in advance.

After all, you will need plenty of time to assemble an auction committee, collect prizes for your auction, and work out all of the essential details—such as whether your event will be held in-person or online.

Just be sure to collect new items (not used items) across a wide price range so that there’s something for people of all budgets to bid on. When it comes time to promote your event, be sure to advertise via social media and out in your community so that you have as many people bidding on items as possible!

2. Organize your very own gala

Galas are some of the more popular community events, as they give couples the opportunity to dress up in an amazing Shona Joy Dress, enjoy a great meal, and take part in an evening full of dancing and fun. You may check out here some pre-loved designer label dresses and shoes that you can wear at a gala or any formal event.

The reality is that a gala might not be in the cards for some organizations, namely due to the significant upfront costs that an event of this scale requires. If your nonprofit has been able to stay afloat during the COVID-19 pandemic, however, a gala might be the perfect fundraising idea.

When choosing a date for your gala, consider sometime during the holiday season or as you approach the year’s end. 35% of all giving occurs in the final three months of the year.

Much like other fundraisers, you will need to assemble a committee to help organize the evening. As galas typically feature food, beverages, waiters, live music, and raffles, make sure you have everything lined up before the day of the big event!

3. Create a peer-to-peer fundraiser

If you’re looking to increase your organization’s reach and engage as many donors as possible, consider holding a peer-to-peer fundraiser—such as a walk-a-thon or fun run.

With a peer-to-peer fundraiser, those who are participating will reach out to family members and friends to seek support—whether it’s by sponsoring them or by showing up to the event itself.

These types of events can be wildly effective, as active participants are doing much of the outreach work on your organization’s behalf. This allows you to multiply your reach and maximize the funds you’re able to raise.

What’s more, peer-to-peer fundraisers don’t have to break the bank. All you need is a location and some capable staff members to put on a great event!

4. Launch a crowdfunding campaign

Harnessing the internet—and social media, more specifically—to raise funds for your nonprofit is one of the easiest and most affordable ways to bolster your organization’s finances.

Platforms like Kickstarter and GoFundMe will allow you to set up your very own crowdfunding campaign for free. If your campaign is successful, the platform will usually charge a modest fee (often 0%–5%) from the total amount raised. If you don’t meet your target, the platform typically won’t even take a cut.

To maximize the effectiveness of your campaign, work alongside a talented writer to draft a compelling description of your cause and a powerful call-to-action (CTA) for donations. You may even opt to include tiered incentives for donating to your cause.

Once you have launched the crowdfunding page, ask your current organization members and donors to share the link via social media. According to Classy, social media drives 57% of traffic to fundraising pages.

What’s more, 55% of people who engage nonprofits on social media take some sort of action and 59% of those people donate money.

If you have a marketing budget to work with, consider using paid social ads to increase your online reach even further!

5. Set up a concession stand

A concession stand is yet another simple and affordable solution by which nonprofit organizations can raise funds quickly. With a concession stand, your organization will not only be able to earn a profit on food and beverages but also collect donations along the way.

What’s more, concession stands are typically present at events where there are already built-in crowds. This will save you a significant amount of time that might otherwise be spent advertising and getting the word out.

Of course, there are all sorts of events whose hosts might be willing to team up with a local charity. Get in touch with your local sports team, county fair, or shopping mall about setting up a booth for your organization at a future event!

6. Organize a live concert event

Who doesn’t love a live music performance? While a concert has the potential to bring in a large sum of money for your charity, its financial success is ultimately dependent on how well you’re able to manage your overhead costs.

Of course, you will need to choose a venue for the concert, which is likely to be a significant expense. You may opt for an Event venue in Flagstaff, High Country Motor Lodge offers entertaining space to throw a party complete with mountain views, private fire pits, and cocktails service. You will also need to determine how to get artists to perform for a price you can afford. The reality is that a well-known artist might command a hefty paycheck unless you have connections with someone in the industry.

If you’re unable to get a big name to perform to grace your stage, not all is lost. There may be hidden local talent within your very own community who would be willing to perform for a very small fee—or no fee at all!

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