How to Learn to Read Tarot Cards

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Tarot cards have long been used to try to predict the future, to provide insight into situations in a person’s life, and to explore problems. If you are interested in learning to read tarot cards, whether as a hobby to do for yourself and friends or because you would like to someday become a professional psychic, then there are lots of ways you can approach it.

Learning tarot can be an interesting and inspiring experience that will leave you with a skill you can continue to develop indefinitely as you come to gain a greater and greater understanding and familiarity with the cards. Here, we take a look at how you can begin learning.

Get a Reading Yourself

One of the first things you can do if you have an interest in the tarot is get a reading from an experienced psychic. You can take a look at to find the best online psychics who can provide an affordable and accurate tarot reading if you don’t already have someone in mind. While you are having your reading, think about what the psychic is doing and saying as well as just taking in your reading. You can even tell them you are interested in learning, and they may give you more explanation of what they are doing and how they are interpreting the cards as they read for you.

As well as getting your own reading, you can also check out some of the people on YouTube, Twitch, or Live Stream Australia who do tarot readings as live streams. This will let you see lots of readings taking place for all different people, and you should find you pick up on a lot of things just from doing this.

Get Some Cards

If you want to learn to read tarot cards, you will definitely need to own a deck of your own. There are almost endless sets available, but while it may be tempting to choose a highly stylized set with a theme or aesthetic you enjoy, it is generally better to start with a very traditional deck. This is because the artists who design the more stylized tarot cards often reinterpret the symbolism on the cards in different ways. This will be fine for you when you know the cards well and want a deck that resonates with you, but at first you need to really be learning the symbolism on each card and what it represents. You’ll also want a nice cloth to keep your cards in, and most people use a means of purifying them such as with crystals or incense – though you are likely to develop your own sense of how you want to treat your cards with time.


Now you are ready to begin learning the meanings of the cards. You can do this with a book, website or online course. Reading through the meanings of the cards can be helpful, but ideally you want to be practicing and performing readings regularly, looking up the cards as they come up and really thinking about what they mean in the context of the spread you are using. A simple past, present, future spread is good to start with, before you start experimenting with spreads that go into more depth like the Celtic cross.

If you want to be able to keep studying on the go, it can also be good to try out a tarot app that will let you see the explanations for each card drawn.

While you are studying, it can be a good idea to use several sets of definitions rather than just one book or website. Different explanations of the cards will help you truly understand the symbolism and get an insight into what each card means, rather than simply memorizing a definition for each one.

What Order Should I Learn the Cards in?

Most people find it helpful to start with the major arcana. These are the most important cards and represent a kind of ‘hero’s journey’, which can be easy to understand and relate to. Once you have learned the major arcana in the upright position, you can already do a simple reading. Next, you can either go on to learn the minor arcana, or add more depth to your major arcana readings by learning the inverted position meanings. Ultimately, you will want to know the major and minor arcana in both positions, and also learn a variety of spreads to suit different purposes, but there is no need to rush. It is fine if you need to keep looking things up as you practice, but the goal is to have a true understanding of each card and what it means in its position in your spread.

Learning tarot can be a really interesting experience, and one that can definitely enrich your life, so if you are curious, why not get started today?

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