5 Reasons Pulling an All-Nighter to Write an Essay Is a Bad Choice

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Studying at night seems to be a regular thing that doesn’t surprise anyone who’s ever been to a school. Sure, there will always be situations out of your control. Yet, mostly, we do get to choose whether to pull an all-nighter or rearrange some plans, have a proper sleep, and finish other tasks a bit later. And here are the reasons why you shouldn’t follow the first option.

Quality: Expected vs. Reality

However good you may be at writing, believe us, your work won’t sound as good as if it was written by an essay help service Essay Hub or just beforehand by yourself. When you write something bit by bit, you constantly correct and rewrite your text. Finally, when the latter is completed beforehand, you have the luxury to put it away and check it for mistakes and poor wording in a couple of days. 

There is no such opportunity when the deadline is close enough for you to decide to pull an all-nighter. Mainly, there will be two scenarios.

  1. You will become so tired that serious mistakes will seem minor to you.
  2. You will rush so hard that you won’t even notice the mistakes.

Both options will compromise your grade and waste your time. You should be at least well-rested before starting writing. Yet, resorting to polyphasic sleep without preparation may disrupt your well-being for the next several days.


Have you ever tried to prepare your answers for exams in the middle of the night? The deluded thoughts just keep mixing in your head, and the overload does not let you concentrate and formulate a decent answer. Writing an essay in the middle of the night is basically the same but on paper. 

Even if you rely on a grammar and spelling checker, it will not notice serious mistakes, illogical statements, or disconnected ideas. Such tools work on the level of sentences and do not consider the whole context. 

So, when you write something that does not really add up to or contradicts your previous statements, the grammar can be impeccable, but the arguments will not make sense. The general coherence of the content is much more important than grammatically correct sentences. Always remember it.



No one decides to write an essay at night unless they are good at procrastination. The latter is usually associated with

  • feeling of guilt;
  • reluctance;
  • despair;
  • psychosomatic symptoms;
  • mood swings.

Are these conditions really suitable for writing a creative text or analyzing some phenomena and serious concepts? Sleep deprivation adds up to the stress your body is exposed to, which means that your mind will constantly switch between your emotions and actions. It can barely help you produce good content. 

Meanwhile, if you plan your actions for the next day, it will be easier to fall asleep instead of dealing with insomnia and work on your assignment in the morning when you feel refreshed.

Impact on Your Health

One sleepless night does not make a difference for some students. There are even those who prefer to study at night regularly. The latter also harms one’s well-being with time, but that is a totally different topic. Yet, for others, even one night without proper sleep can turn into torture and lead to numerous side effects as well as disrupt the sleeping pattern for a couple of weeks.

If you belong in the second group, consider amending your schedule the next day to make time for writing. You will probably miss out on some lectures, events, or meetings, but your well-being will stay as it was. Another option is to ask for an extension when you feel you can’t make it in time. Just make sure to do it in the afternoon or so instead of writing an email at 3:00 AM.


Risk of Sleeping In

The less you sleep at night, the more chances that you won’t be able to wake up in time and handle the rest of the chores and tasks. Obviously, this point is the least important if you do not have to rush anywhere the next day or submit the physical copy of your essay. However, it is not worth the risk if you have an important workshop or test scheduled for the next day.


Few students can obtain a degree without having to burn the midnight oil from time to time. In the end, it is up to you to decide whether to spend a sleepless night, get help, ask for an extension, or just give up on the task. The latter can also be an option, but you will need to put more effort later to ace more important assignments. So, assess the risks and make timely decisions.

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