Top 10 Musical Instruments You Can Easily Learn & Play

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Music became an important part of cultures across the globe over 35,000 years ago. In fact, it was so important to all cultures that it got the prestigious honor of becoming a cultural universal. That means that it helped shape the cultures and celebrations for civilizations in every part of the world.

It is not a shock to know that you are wanting to start playing music for yourself. There are some instruments that can be hard to play, but others can be easy to learn. Let’s go over the top 10 musical instruments that are easy to learn and play.

The Recorder

This is overall one of the easiest musical instruments to play. It is one of the ones that you start learning back in the first years of school. It can be made from plastic or wood, both being simple to learn on. It takes very little breathing to get sound out of it and depending on the type that you have you will be able to meet the tone levels of soprano, alto or tenor. 


Castanets are the instruments that many people call the flappers. They are made from wood paddles that you attach to your thumbs and play by using your fingers to hit the two pear shaped instruments together. Each hand contains a castanet that has a slightly different pitch.


A set of Bongo drums can be very easy to learn, and they are common for beginners because they can be simple at first. They are made up of two different drums, one is high pitched, and the other is low. Once you become a little more advanced the tone of the Bongos can be altered simply by adjusting where your hands are placed and where the drum is struck.


Many of us that started out playing music at a young age started out with one of these. You can follow along with the program that teaches and in no time you will be able to play a decent song. As you learn how to read musical notes and play along with other people you can move on to more advanced pieces.


The flute, much like the recorder above, is an easy instrument to learn how to play. So easy, in fact, that many students can learn up to three notes in one lesson. When you learn how to read notes you can pick up some easy flute sheet music and sound like you have been playing your whole life.


There are different sizes of harps that you can learn to play on, ranging from the big ones that stand on the floor to smaller lyre harps that can sit in your lap. The sound that a harp makes is unique in most ways, light and ethereal with every stroke of the strings.


The image of playing a solo guitar for family and friends is portrayed in movies throughout the world. They are an easy instrument to learn, but it can take some effort to learn how to play an entire song from sheet music. Once you become a little more comfortable playing you can play some basic tunes by listening to the band and strumming along.


Another instrument that is commonly shown on movies and TV series are the drums. They are not as simple as you may think if you want to play them properly because the one behind the drums needs to be aware of the song being played and must time their strikes at the exact moment that the song calls for it. If you can stay focused on a task, these are great instruments to learn music on.


We are all familiar with these musical devices. It is another one that we start out learning to play as a young child attending music class. They can be found in different sizes and shapes, with various amounts of cymbals on them. The tone can be switched by changing from shaking the instrument to hitting it against your hand.


The final instrument on this list is perhaps one of the simplest to play, and since it is so small it can be carried in your pocket. You play this instrument by blowing in and out of the holes. Moving where you place your mouth and your hand along the back makes different notes and tones.

Final Thoughts

If you are having trouble wrapping your head around an instrument that requires that you hit the correct notes at the perfect time you need to try one of the many choices found in the percussion family. A percussion will never be off note or off key, but it does still require that it be used at the perfect time.

Once you can get the timing down you can start learning different tones by how hard and fast you strike them. From there, the sky’s the limit and if you choose to learn other instruments you will already be on your way to excellence.

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