What will the ATP Look like without Medvedev and Rublev?

FSD Staff

With the increasing sanctions against Putin, two of the top 10 ATP players will be banned from large ATP tours in the near future.

Tennis World No. 2 to Miss Tournaments Because of Sanctions

The ongoing invasion has caused various international organisations and leagues to start placing sanctions on the country and its athletes. The International Tennis Federation (ITF) announced the suspension of players from the Russian Federation in upcoming tournaments. 

This made many people question what the ATP would look like without Medvedev and Rublev.

Aggression from Russia towards Ukraine came as a shock to many, and the response by both players and the ITF itself came swiftly. The WTA and ATP Boards have been contacting current as well as former players inside the sport from Ukraine to check on their safety and offer aid.

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The international tennis institutions condemned Russia’s actions and have agreed with the following actions:

  1. The WTA/ATP are to suspend the combined event
  2. All ITF tournaments in Russia are cancelled indefinitely
  3. Russian players can compete  in international events without country markings or mentions


Allegedly, Wimbledon authorities are considering banning all Russian athletes from this year’s Grand Slam tournament unless they assure that they don’t support the current Moscow regime.

Both Rublev and Medvedev stated that Russian tennis players should be allowed to continue to compete at tournaments and that politics and sports should not mix.  What we know so far is that both the UK government and various players are discussing  with the All-England Lawn Tennis Club to come to an agreement about Wimbledon. 

As for now, we can only hope that all goes well with the talks and that this war comes to an end sooner rather than later. One thing stands, the ATP will look a lot different if they decide to ban world number 2 and number 7 tennis players from competing. 

Medvedevs’ and Rublevs’ Response to The Potential Ban 

With the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine, there have been several calls to ban Russian players from both ATP and WT Tours. Two major players who would be affected by such bans are Medvedev and Rublev. So what did these players have to say about the whole situation?

Medvedev said that he will try to take it tournament by tournament since there are always different rules and regulations to play or not to play.  In response to Wimbledon Medvedev had nothing to say except that he will need to see what happens next. 

Additionally, he stated that he always stands for peace. He claimed that it’s very tough to talk about what is fair and not fair and that everybody is entitled to their own opinions and that every country can set its own rules.

Rublev has repeatedly called for peace and that he feels really bad for everyone. Additionally, he stated that sports have to set an example and be outside of politics and that he thinks it will be a positive message for a better world. 

In conclusion, all we can say is that the future for Russian players is very uncertain given the current circumstances. And, it is questionable if the end of the war will change that as quickly.

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