7 Legendary Rappers Who Express Their Love for Cannabis In Their Music

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Cannabis is becoming an increasingly popular drug, with more and more people using it for different purposes. One of the reasons for this increase in popularity is the fact that cannabis can help with various ailments, but also the fact that it can be consumed in many ways, making it a versatile choice for those who decide to use it. Nowadays, sellers offer a wide variety of products; some of them, such as MagicVaporizers, specialize in a certain product, while others sell all kinds of smoking paraphernalia. So whether you’re a first-time cannabis user who wants to experiment with the methods of consumption, or an experienced user who’s into quality vaporizers only, you will surely find your favorite product on the market.

Cannabis has always been present in the music industry. Many artists like Bob Marley shed light on the use of cannabis. Singing about weed started to get more introduced to the world with rap music. We have heard a lot of rap music involving the use of marijuana. Weed consumption can is attributed to rappers in general which is likely a stereotype. However, that doesn’t oppose that rap music has and still dedicates a great deal to cannabis. Since cannabis has been one of the most popular industries for rappers in recent years. You’ve heard of famous rappers, but you’d be amazed at how successful they are when it comes to being involved in the marijuana business legally.

  1. Snoop Dogg:

This is a well-known figure, It’s a fact that you know this man. He has a worldwide influence on rap music and its culture. You probably know or have seen snoop dog as a heavy cannabis smoker in his interview, lives, or even concerts. However, did you know his involvement in the cannabis industry? Snoop Dogg plays a major role in introducing cannabis to the mainstream. Snoop Dogg has a brand and it’s called Leafs by Snoop. Until this present moment, his brand is still successful.

2. 2-Chainz:

We all know 2-Chainz and his habit of smoking blunts. Whenever he appears on stage, he appears smoking marijuana. 2 Chains is also involved in the marijuana business. 2 Chains has seen that cannabis continues to be legalized all over the world and Thus he merged his GAS Cannabis with DTC ( a tech platform). 2 Chains intend to maximize the distribution capabilities. GAS Cannabis continues to expand and gain more recognition.

3. Kid Cudi:

Kid Cudi is well-known for his ability to perfect the art of half-baked bars. He is well-known for his poetic citations that carry listeners to their wide imagination. Cudi’s debut album A Kid Named Cudi included the popular track “Day ‘n’ Night,” which is fulfilling music for lonesome stoners. Cudi discusses his reliance on cannabis in the song “Marijuana,” which appears on his 2010 sophomore album Man on the Moon II. This rapper has given a great deal about serving a good image of cannabis users, he is creative.

4. Wiz Khalifa:

Wiz Khalifa is very well-known for being very fond of cannabis consumption. In his rap music and his clips, he always mirrors his consumption of weed.  Wiz Khalifa also has ties with the cannabis industry. This successful rapper has his brand for rolling papers as well as his strain that is called Khalifa Kush. He also released “Wiz Khalifa Weed Farm”? which is an educational cannabis phone game.

5. The Game:

Except for showing his love for cannabis through his music, The Game has made extensive of the advantages of California’s marijuana regulations. In addition to becoming the first superstar in becoming an official partner at a marijuana dispensary that is “The Reserve in Santa Ana, Calif”, this well-known rapper does have his strain that he employs in his TreesbyGame items, which would include popsicles and ashtrays.

6. Berner:

This is a famous Californian rapper and he is a heavy cannabis smoker just like Wiz. In his rap music, Berner dedicates a lot to his love of blunts. He is a cannabis enthusiast and now he is considered to be one of the greatest names in the cannabis business industry. Berner owns many dispensaries and cannabis products such as Hemp20 water, Cookies SF, Collective Efforts, and H2C Cookies 707.

7. Kurupt:

This is one of the most famous rappers of Gansta rap. This man helped in introducing one of the strongest weed strains, and you have probably heard of “Moon Rocks”. They are one of the most powerful strains in the world. They are even called cannabis caviar. Usually, these Moon Rocks contain up to 64% of THC levels.

Many other rappers have shown their sincere love for cannabis. Probably one of your favorite rap artists is already involved or thinking to be involved in the cannabis business industry. Let’s not forget that cannabis has become one of the top 5 themes in Rap music.

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