The 5 Most Popular Cannabis Musical Anthems

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Cannabis is a well-liked herb that is highly popular all over the world. People consume it in many ways, including smoking, vaporizing, consuming edibles, and using topical products. The most popular way to consume cannabis is smoking, which allows the user to feel the effects almost immediately. Cannabis is smoked by using a pipe, a bubbler, or a bong. The latter is probably the most widely known consumption device, as bongs come in different materials and an abundance of shapes and colors. Regardless of how it’s consumed, cannabis can offer many benefits, including reducing anxiety and pain relief.

You have probably heard songs revolving around cannabis. It is known that cannabis and music are a very pleasant combo. Many people claim that listening to music when you are high will always be a very pleasant experience. Some weed strains enable listeners to taste music on an entirely different level. We also know that Many artists use marijuana to boost and expand their creativity. Cannabis is deemed to be a creative stimulant for some well-known musicians. Cannabis is publically liked by very well-known artists such as Snoop Dogg and Bob Marley. It’s no wonder that cannabis has indeed inspired several hit songs. The influence of cannabis has reached at least the majority of music genres and the most consumed ones, such as Hip Hop. Here are five of the most popular cannabis songs until now:

  1. ‘Young, Wild & Free’:

This song was released in 2011 and it blew up to be the most desirable summer anthem. The song “Young Wild & Free” is written and performed by Wiz Khalifa and Snoop Dogg. You know how much these two famous rappers like enjoying Cannabis. “Young Wild & Free” seems to be a celebration or an expression of gratitude for being young and leading the best enjoyable free life. The song has several mentions of cannabis, and both rappers discuss smoking up a joint.

The lyrics of the song open up with “So what I keep ’em rolled up,” which is a reference to the fact that wiz Khalifa always keeps joints rolled and ready. The song highlights that cannabis can be enjoyed anywhere everywhere and it’s vital when there is a time of celebration.

2. ‘Lighters Up’

“Lighters Up” is a track written and produced by rapper Lil’ Kim that was released on July 10, 2005. This song was released as the first single from her fourth album which is called “The Naked Truth”. “Lighters Up” was recorded and produced by her ex-boyfriend, Scott Storch. The song is inspired by Damian Marley’s “Welcome to Jamrock”.

3. ‘Sweet Leaf’

Sweet Leaf is a well-known Black Sabbath song and it was released back in 1971. When listening to “sweet leaf”, you could believe that the band is performing a love song to a particular woman. However, the song is a love song devoted to cannabis. The song revolves around cannabis to the point that the band consumed cannabis at the time of recording as you can hear the inhaling of a bong in the opening of the “sweet leaf”. All the band members expressed their love for marijuana and each in one harmonic masterpiece.

4. ‘Kaya’:

“Kaya” is an anthem written and produced by Bob Marley. Bob was able to create a very poetic song that triggers one’s sentiments. “I need to get stoned because it’s raining”, this is a beautiful image that bob Marley mirrors to his audience through his song which states that weed should be enjoyed at moments of joy and relaxation as the rain symbolizes. Bob Marley has other songs revolving around cannabis that you will truly enjoy with a joint.

5. ‘Legalize It’:

This is the loudest call to action among cannabis reggae tunes. Peter Tosh promotes poetically the benefits of marijuana, begs you not to condemn it, and vows to make it legal. He says to his son “legalize it, and I will advertise it.” Indeed, he made public service advertisements in support of its legalization, which is included on the album’s CD release.

Cannabis and music have always been going hand in hand. It is a fact that music can be enjoyed more when you get high. However, these above cannabis-themed songs have spoken the truth about cannabis and the reason it should be enjoyed. There are various other songs in different music genres which are influenced by cannabis. We can also note that cannabis users not only enjoy music more than others due to the high effects of weed, Cannabis users praise songs revolving around cannabis because it’s simply what they like doing. There are numerous songs that you can listen to, for cannabis will always inspire the music industry.

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