Exciting Topics for When You’re Writing a Song

Andrew Barber

Writing a song can be a tricky task. Not only do you have to think about the music and how you are going to sonically bring sounds together in a way that they sound good, but you also need to write lyrics and center them around a theme that people are either going to engage with or find interesting. Of course, picking a theme can be incredibly difficult as you sit there and ponder over different experiences you have had in your life and how you could put these into a song. If you are a songwriter but currently find yourself struggling to think of a topic that you could use for writing a song, then this article is going to discuss some of the best options available to you in more detail.


Love is relatable to many people for different reasons, and as such, when you create a song that centers around different feelings of love, you will appeal to many people and will get more listeners as a result. Many people experience love, and as such, you will have past experiences that you draw upon as a means to write lyrics and set the tone in terms of the emotion you’ll be showing in your track. Not only that, but when you consider the different aspects of love, it’s amazing how many different areas are to explore. Consider the album The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill and how that explores feelings of devotion, lust, heartbreak, and everything in between. With a topic such as love, there are so many dimensions to explore that you can get creative.


There are a number of great tunes written about gambling, consider the likes of the gambler, viva Las Vegas and ace of spades, to name a few. Why is this? Well, to put it plainly, gambling is an excellent topic to write music about. Simply heading over to different online casinos Australia will help you understand why. When you gamble, the experience can be fun and filled with tension, which are two elements that should go into a great song. As such, by making a song surrounding these feelings, you will instantly engage your audience.


People go through hard times all over the world and the amount that music can help them accept those tough moments or even start people on the journey of getting over them is extraordinary. As such, a great topic that can be the point of some of your songs is grief. You could write about losing a loved one and the feelings that were associated with that, not to mention the feelings you need to overcome such an obstacle. Alt-J’s Get Better is a great example of a sad song that still inspires a sense of hope.


When you are putting together music, it can be difficult to know the right topic to write about. If you are struggling with a topic, then consider some of the above options.

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