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Oola Da Boss f/ Freddie Gibbs & Hit Skrewface – Get Money

Gangsta Gibbs and Hit Skrewface assist Oola Da Boss on the first offering from ...

Ty Howard

On The Set: Freddie Gibbs f/ D-Edge & Hit Skrewface – Mafia

Gangsta Gibbs and his Str8 Slammin’ Click took it to L.A. for their latest ...

Ty Howard

Freddie Gibbs x Hit Skrewface – Smash Out

Drank & Dank is a dope blog that features content unlike most rap sites ...

Andrew Barber

Mixtape: Hit Skrewface – Hitsville, USA Vol. 2

Hit Skrewface of Gary’s Str8 Slammin’ Click, drops his new mixtape, hosted by DJ ...

Andrew Barber
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