I’ve Created A Monster: The Doompostor Rumor

Andrew Barber 0

So last night I posted my first “official” blog over at the esteemed URB.com. I decided to take another look at the whole Doompostor phenomenon that stared on Fake Shore Drive about a month ago.


Well, the response to this story was more than I could have ever anticipated. Within an hour of posting I began receiving emails from fans and DOOM stans all over the globe looking for confirmation – or some sort of statement regarding Doompostor. I informed each and every person that this was only hearsay and I had no idea if this information is accurate.

You can read the full story here

Since FSD is purposed as a Chicago Hip Hop Blog, I try to stay true to my goal of only bringing you Chicago-related content, but sometimes you have to stray when you have something good – and Doompostor turned out to be just that. I’ve had more responses to this story than any other post that I’ve done in FSD’s three months of existence (that’s it?)

So DOOM if you’re reading this (which he very well may be), we need answers.