Northern Cali’s The Pack Invades Chicago

Andrew Barber 0

Last night The Bay Area’s The Pack stormed the Windy City, on one of the coldest nights in January. It seems like every time I venture out for a concert this winter, I have to face these horrendous weather conditions and last night was no exception – it was ugly out there. But despite the great Chicago winter (No Shala), a solid crowd still showed up to Schuba’s to watch these Oak-Town young’ins.

The doors opened at 7pm, so what does that mean? It means arrive at 8:30, right? Wrong. I walked in Schuba’s around 8:30 and The Pack was midway through their opening track, “Vans”. The Hell? Since when do Hip-Hop concerts begin on time? And more importantly, when does any concert, with the exception of a cheesy street festival or a middle school play, start at 8:30? Maybe it had to do with the fact that no one in The Pack is of legal drinking age, and Schubas’, is well, a bar.


So I missed opening sets from local DJ and producer Million $ Mano and some guy named Tyga. However, despite what little I knew about The Pack, I was pleasantly surprised – these guys are entertaining as hell!!! I know they’re doing small venues across the country, and if they come to your city, you should definitely stop by and check them out – trust me. Hysterical.

After the show, I was trying to hail a cab in the blizzard, and The Pack’s Stunnaman was out front enjoying a cigarette – Stunnaman claimed he’d never seen snow before, and was visibly enjoying the hell out of the monster flakes that were falling to the ground: “We don’t have this shit in Oakland, this shit is tight as hell”

Touche’ Stunnaman, Touche’

*And oh yeah, I finally got to see some real live people “going dumb” in the crowd. It was incredible. I need to start checking out more Hyphy events.

Video: Here’s The Pack performing their new-ish single, “In My Car”. They’re joined on stage by Vyle, Million $ Mano, and some random white dude (go!)