Video: Consequence feat. Kanye West – “The Good, The Bad, The Ugly”

Andrew Barber 0

Um…Better late than never, I guess? This was the first ‘Quence and Kanye collabo I’d ever heard, but that was way back in ’03 – when Kanye was still putting his Pelle Pelle’s on layaway.

It’s really amazing how many videos Kanye is able to squeeze out for his GOOD Music artists, in an age where you’re lucky if you’re one and done. I mean, I’m not going to fact check, but this is video 4 or 5 for ‘Quence’s Don’t Quit Your Day Job. Common has four videos from Finding Forever, and Kanye is about to release his fourth from Graduation. Don’t even get me started on John Legend – I think that guy has a video for every song on his album.