Johnny 5 On It: Common Videos of the 90’s

Andrew Barber 0

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In a concept flagrantly jacked from Mica, here are my “Johnny 5 On It” (see how that’s different? No copyright infringement here!) Common videos from the 90’s, in honor of the Grammy nomination tonight. Why the 90’s, you ask? Because they were better – that’s why.

UPDATE:  Turns out Common was a big winner at the Grammy’s (of course the year he doesn’t attend) for best Hip-Hop collaboration for “Southside” with Kanye West.  
5. “On a quest for love like the proceed drummer”

4. “Slim was fresh joe, when she was underground, original, pure untampered and down sister, boy I tell ya….I miss her”

3. “Ain’t no payola in freestyle – In battles I’m warrin’ like the G child”

2. “At times I contemplate movin’ to a warmer place, then the lake and skyline, give me a warm embrace”

1. “Cause I deliver like the Sun-Times”