Kanye Fined At the Grammys?

Andrew Barber 0

Over at the always-credible Allhiphop.com rumors section (er…my #1 news source), they’re reporting that ‘Ye might get slapped with a hefty fine by the Grammy Gestapo’s for his antics last Sunday.


That lil’ stunt Kanye pulled was hot- the sonning the Grammy “wrap it up” music. But will the rapper get fined for overextending the time limit? Kanye got the Grammy, but the Grammy people get paid off those pricey ads that run. Well, they say when Kanye went overtime some 34 seconds, he cut into somebody’s time and now he must be fined. He hasn’t been fined yet, but they are saying that dude is going to get hit with a $100k fine. Apparently, the board of the Grammys is going to meet and make a decision. This has never happened in the past, but Kanye was pretty brazen to the “wrap it up.”

Now, I work in the advertising industry (no, Blogging isn’t my real job) and I know how advertisters get when you start messing with their money. Some client paid a nice chunk of change for that :30 spot that Yeezy interrupted – probably more than $100k, I’m guessing. Not sure if they can go after Kanye for this, but in the aftermath of the Writers Strike, money is tight. We’ll see what happens.