Yung Berg Shoots New Video in the Chi

Andrew Barber 0

Ruh-roh! Looks like Yung Berg is headed back to the Chi to shoot the clip for his next video,“Do Dat”- and is hosting casting calls now. You can apply for the shoot here.

They also give a brief description of the treatment which sounds like the most original video in the history of music videos (sarcasm people!):

Detail of the video:

Opening in the kitchen of a local residence you’ll get inside a typical day for Yung Berg in the Chi with skillet on and a beautiful young woman cooking we get the taste and feel of home life authenticity.Yung Berg makes his way smoothly into the streets where he speeds off in the Phantom… lights streaking down a cold, windy Chicago street. You’ve never seen glamor meets the hood like this.

You’re right. Never.

Via HipHopRuckus