Boogz Classic Moment Vol. 1: Common – “Breaker 1/9” (Slope Remix)

Andrew Barber 0

As an added bonus to your regularly scheduled programming on Fake Shore Drive, we’ve hooked up with local producer, and true Chicago hip-hop head, Boogz (who I like to refer to as the common denominator of the city), to bring you Boogz Classic Moment; a trip down memory lane of Chicago’s storied hip-hop history. We’ll be bringing you classic tracks, videos, never-before-seen footage, forgotten party pluggers and much more.

Round one features the “Slope” remix of Common’s 1992 single, “Breaker 1/9”. Now, the real heads know who ‘Slope is, but let’s see if everyone else knows what’s up.

Common – “Breaker 1/9” (Slope Remix)