Classic Material: Just Ro feat. Common – “Confusion”

Andrew Barber 0

I wish you could have seen my face when I discovered this on the newly launched No ID vs. Traxster website today (where you can catch me contributing, by the way).  I remember seeing this video a few times on Rap City back in ’96/’97.  True story, I searched high and low for this album back then, and couldn’t find it ANYWHERE.  I eventually gave up, writing the whole thing off as a dream and delusions of a high schooler.  Well, it turns out the project never saw the light of day.
The good news?  I was able to chat with Just Ro earlier today and we’ll have some exclusive tracks from his upcoming project, not to mention what he’s been up to, coming very soon.   Ahhh, the powers of the internet.
Also, if anyone has an MP3 of this track, or any other Just Ro tracks from this era, please send.