A Message from Naledge

Andrew Barber 0

Naledge hit me up early this morning to share the good news, and inform my fellow Chicagoans and Kidz In The Hall fans:

just in case you didnt know….the video for driving down the block is going to premiere on TRL Monday!! well…today!

…..let chicagoans know they can vote at mtv.com now!!! this is a big look for Chicago hip hop but more importantly…INDIE chicago hiphop. also mtv will be leaking the album next week on mtv.com

I’m actually going to head over to MTV right now and cast my vote. Chicago, stand-up for this one and let’s support the Kidz In The Hall to the fullest. For a Duck Down artist to be on TRL in 2008 is pretty much unfathomable, so this is a very big deal. Do you think Duck Down has ever had a video on TRL? Survey says?

Best of luck to Naledge & Double O and congratulations on the success.

Update: You will be able to vote for this video after the 3:30 (est) airing of TRL today. Click here to support.