Complex Previews Kidz In The Hall’s The In Crowd

Andrew Barber 0

Hey Naledge – why don’t I get to do a preview of the album? Because I’m not a fancy magazine? As if! No in all seriousness, they did a listening session for The In Crowd a few night ago in NYC. Hopefully, they have a similar event in Chicago (a work in progress?)

Anyhoo, Complex Magzine (you know, the Marc Ecko publication) did a brief rundown of six of the standout tracks:

1. “Mr. All Of That Shit”
Naledge’s takes typical hip-hop bragging to a whole other level. “Flyer than a giraffe’s pussy,” nuff said.

2. “Love Hangover” f/. Estelle
The Chicago born MC’s lazy delivery over the string laden track sounds a lot like Ma$e. A line like, “I’m her groupie,” might have something to do with it.

3. “Let Your Hair Down” f/ Skyzoo
Another track for the ladies featuring the rising Justus League affiliate.

4. “The Pledge”
The obligatory Duck Down posse cut. According to Double O, when they tried to get Sean Price as a featured guest on the song, they got more than they bargained for when Buckshot offered Kidz In The Hall a record deal instead.

5. “Inner Me”
This seven minute track is the only song without a guest feature. “I tried to play piano at the end but ended up doing all crazy shit,” says Double O.

6. “Drivin’ Down The Block (Low End Theory) (Remix)”f/ The Cool Kids, Pusha T and Bun B.
Their nod to hip-hop’s old school gets a face-lift with the Cool Kids lending their throwback steez to the record. Pusha even manages to squeeze in a quick plug for the Clipse’s clothing line Play Cloths in the song.