EPMD Live in Chicago

Andrew Barber 0

So first and foremost, if you didn’t already know this, I’m an idiot. I totally forgot to bring my camera with me today, so all of the footage of EPMD and Percee P (what up Percee?!), that I took last night, will have to wait until this weekend, or God forbid, Monday. Plus, I had to get my clandestine bootlegging on, as the employees of the Metro kept shining flashlights on me and tried to kick me out for taking some freakin’ footage for the blog. You’d a thunk I was filming Jerry Garcia’s return to earth up there are something.

Erick Sermon and Parrish Smith a.k.a. my favorite duo of all time, came through Chicago last night on the Scion Live Metro Tour that pops up around the country and puts on free hip-hop shows, in hopes to promote those Scion buckets that I see people cruising around uncomfortably in (sorry). All jokes aside though, Scion does a great service by bringing legendary hip-hoppers out on tour and putting a live band behind them (it’s usually Connie Price and the Keystones or the Rhythm Roots All-Stars, where some members split duties, so…). In the past I’ve seen the likes of GZA, Ghostface, Pharoahe Monch (who always seems to be a part of some kind of free tour), and Slick Rick. Next month they’re bringing out Too $hort, so that’s also a must-attend.

Some things of note:

-When I arrived, the Legendary Lyricist, Percee P was standing in the entrance pushing some CDs, as if we were in front of Fat Beats or something. I chatted him up for a minute, and told him it was an honor to meet him, and I had just about everything in his catalog. He still somehow managed to sell me his latest mixtape for $10. Money well spent, in my opinion. You have to respect Percee, and if you don’t know who he is, stop reading this site now.

-A lot of local emcee’s came out to support last night: Pugs Atomz, Astonish and even CRUCIAL CONFLICT was hanging out in the crowd mingling with the common folk. EPMD is just that important.

-When E & P took the stage, the E-R-I-C-K was just roaming around without a microphone and sucking on an orange. Apparently, his voice gave out and he was in a great deal of pain. He spoke a little bit and apologized to the crowd, promising us that he “owed us one” and that he’d be back to make good on his promise. Later in the show he just couldn’t take it and grabbed the mic and started rocking it. You could tell his shit was throbbing (NHJIC x2!), and he looked like he was going to cough up his adams apple at any moment. Thanks for risking your health for our enjoyment, E-Dub. “Headbanger” wouldn’t have been the same without you. Hopefully, he’ll be off the injured reserve for their big show in NYC tonight.

-I can’t remember if it was Erick or Parrish (one too many MGD’s – thanks Miller!), but one of them mentioned something about a reality show they have coming out on VH1. I hope this is true and it’s not some straight to youtube (or should I say worldstarhiphop) garbage a’la Suge Knight’s fake reality show that’s never coming out.

-They announced that their new album, We Mean Business, will be out in July come hell or high water. Let’s hope this comes to fruition.

-Anyone ever find out why Sermon jumped out that window?

Also, my apologies to the people over at Underground, who had Flosstradamus and Chuck Inglish spinning and Kid Sister performing last night. I was supposed to make it up their for that show as well, but Erick and Parrish didn’t go on ‘til around midnight, and I wasn’t going to miss them under any circumstances. My bad.

Videos coming soon.