Kidz In The Hall do Capitol Hill

Andrew Barber 0

As I mentioned earlier in the week, Raphael & Leon (er…Naledge & Double O) were on the Hill this week as they tour the East Coast with Gym Class Heroes. They met with various congressmen to discuss their “digital freedom”, and rights in this day and age:

The Kidz report:

We live a very free lifestyle making music and traveling the world but walking through the halls of the Rayburn building made us realize how important it is for bands like ours to speak out about our Digital Freedoms.

The same way we fight to get our messages out through words and beats of our music we will continue to fight this cause as well. Yesterday was an introductory chapter of a long book that hopefully has a great ending….

… It’s a good thing for us that the days of naïveté are over (for artists). We understand the business, the issues and we are willing to fight for our rights. Major artists have lost connection with the fan and for us that connection is crucial for our success.

Most independent artists are more hands on and understand the importance of their digital rights. It is easy to care about Digital Freedom when these issues pay for your life.

You can read the whole blog post over at Digital Freedom

Big thanks to Nancy for sending over.