Kidz In The Hall on Capitol Hill

Andrew Barber 0

The Kidz are really making some noise on the political front these days. Besides having the official Obama campaign song “Work To Do (Obama ’08), they were also the featured artists of the month for consumer advocacy group, Digital Freedom.

Rumor has it, the Kidz will be speaking with members of Congress on Capitol Hill tomorrow (Wednesday, April 23), to discuss current issues that plague today’s musicians. Check:

This Wednesday, with assistance from Digital Freedom, Kidz in the Hall will be on The Hill (DC) to talk to various members of Congress on issues that recording musicians like themselves and other face on a daily basis with online sales/digital downloads. This meeting is the first of many with the group, in effort to bridge the connection between Politics/Legislation with artists to help better inform members of the Congress/Senate on what real issues musicians/consumers are facing in this day in age.