Video: The Cool Kids, GemStones, Mic Terror and more at Mano’s B-Day

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The Cool Kids – “Oscar” LIVE

So last night I went up to the Funky Buddha Lounge here in Chicago to check out Million $ Mano’s B-Day bash. I must admit it was absolute mayhem up there. The line was around the corner and it was packed like Jesus Christ himself was in the building (sorry to those that didn’t make it in). If you’re not familiar Mano, he’s a member of the group He Say, She Say (who recently signed to _____ Records – most of you probably know, but I can’t report on it until it’s 100%), M.I.A.’s DJ and also a producer and local tastemaker.

It was definitely who’s who of Chicago Hip-Hop, and many of the Chi’s finest were up there just to take in the performances from Mano, Hollywood Holt, Mic Terror and the current Windy City favorites – The Cool Kids.

As an added bonus GemStones and some of the FNF crew showed up to support, and Gem even kicked a few rhymes for the crowd.

I spoke with Gem, Mikey Rocks and Chuck Inglish and they’re all avid readers of Fake Shore Drive. So when you see their material on here, comment, because they may be reading it. I’m just sayin…

Also, a big shout to Carl, Brandon and J-Kwest, otherwise known as Double Threat Entertainment, who partied with us towards the end of the night.

Here are some vids for those that missed it:

The Cool Kids – “Mikey Rocks”

The Cool Kids – “Gold & A Pager”

The Cool Kids – “A Little Bit Cooler”

Hollywood Holt feat. Million $ Mano – “Throw A Kit”

Mic Terror – “Hiiooo”

GemStones Performance