Who Inspired Lupe’s “Hip Hop Saved My Life”?

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MTV has a good write-up on which Houston emcee inspired Lupe to write “Hip Hop Saved My Life”, his latest single from The Cool.

It turns out it was not one, but two of Houston’s finest – Bun B and Slim Thug:

MTV reports:

The genesis of the track came when the Chicago lyricist went to Houston for a show. The rapper said the town was “spaced-out,” in terms of the distance between things, and it gave the city a feel as if there wasn’t much to do. So UGK legend Bun B picked up Lupe and led him on a tour of H-Town.

“He had his wife Queenie with him, and I was just sitting back, soaking it all in, and I was just thinking, ‘How can I pay Bun B back?’ ” Lupe recalled.


“My DJ first heard the record when Lupe’s album came out,” Slim Thug told MTV News. “I went on iTunes and bought it and was surprised it had a lot to do about me. I don’t think it’s entirely about me, but he took pieces of my hustle and put it in the song. We might not have the same type of rap style, but I respect him. I knew a lot of people that liked him when he first came out and checked him out, and he was jammin’. And anyone that’s jammin’ is all right with me. When he came to shoot the video, I got the call from Dr. Teeth, who directed it, and I was down. I brought some of my cars, you know, with the candy paint, and we did it.”

I thought it was about Lil Troy, but what do I know? [**crickets**]

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