Yung Berg to “Crush” Bow Wow?

Andrew Barber 0

In adolescent rap beef news, FSD reader favorite and the peoples choice Yung Berg, isn’t sure whether he wants to launch an all out war with Bow Wow just yet. But if 50 Cents has his way, Berg would “move him out the game, period”. You don’t say.

Berg tells XXL:

“First and foremost, 50 told me some smart shit. 50 told me move him [Bow Wow] out the game, period. He told me to crush him. He told me demolish him,” Berg revealed to…

…“But, I don’t wanna do that,” Berg continued. “I can see me and Bow fucking a lot of bitches together. My whole thing is either you’re going to be an alliance on this [Snoop Dogg] tour this summer, or it’s, ‘Fuck you!’ Period. I don’t need you as a friend. I came in the game by myself.”

Berg later states that if Bow Wow jumps on the remix of “One Night”, then they can consider the beef squashed and their relationship of “fucking a lot of bitches together” can blossom into the stuff of legend. Because there’s nothing quite like “fucking a lot of bitches” with another man in the room:

“If he gets on the record then we’re cool,” Berg explained. “If he doesn’t cause he doesn’t want to, that’s fine. If he doesn’t cause he doesn’t get cleared cause of his current situation, I’m on his head again.”

Does anyone think Bow Wow is rushing over to the studio record that 16 right now? Survey says?