Another Hard-Hitting Common Interview

Andrew Barber 0

How come every Common interview asks him the same damn softball questions ? Seriously. Where’s the hard-hitting stuff? Wait until FSD gets a chance to speak with Lonnie (we’ll see if that ever happens), I’m going to ask him questions that the real Chicago heads want to know.

Like, will there be any Chicago artists (besides Kanye) on the album? Is No ID involved? These are things I want to know!!

Anyhoo, Common sat down with Parlour Magazine to discuss his upcoming album, Invincible Summer. They at least asked him how he feels about alienating his fanbase:

P: You don’t think you’ll alienate your core fan base of incense-lighting backpackers and ladies waiting for a love song by talking about booties and strippers? What are you trying to achieve?

C: My goal is to make good creative songs and, man, try not to over-rap. I can’t predict how it’s going to sell, but I think it’s going to do well. Since I’m not starting as an unknown, I’m going to make music that appeals to me. It ain’t all about sales at this point. It ain’t like if the music doesn’t sell, I won’t be able to pay my rent. At this point, the music is a part of my brand as a business man but it’s not what I rely on to take care of my responsibilities.

Whoa there! I’ve been buying* Common albums since Can I Borrow A Dollar, and I’ve never had anyone refer to me as an “incense-lighting backpacker”. Whatever happened to “coffee shop chicks and white dudes”

Just sayin….

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