FSD/Smirnoff Giveaway

Andrew Barber 0

Fake Shore Drive in conjunction with Smirnoff Vodka will be giving away two vinyl copies of the Smirnoff Signature Mix Series three-song album, which features Common’s “The Light” remixed by Just Bleezy.

Also included: KRS-One & Primo – “Criminal Minded ’08”
Q-Tip & Cool & Dre – “Midnight”

The first two people to email me the correct answer to this question wins (with the subject Smirnoff Contest), and it’s a layup of a question too:

What R&B songstress played Common’s love interest in the music video for “The Light”. Hint: She had on some really questionable socks in the clip (cringe inducing really).

Or if I know you and you email me, I’ll probably just give them you (It’s not what you know…). I kid, I kid.

Shout to Roberto over at Cornerstone

Update: I really should have updated this last night, but I wasn’t around a computer, so my bad to the people who are still responding. Yes, the contest is over, it ended it was done about 10 minutes after the post went up. A big thanks to everyone who participated – I wish I had something for everyone. Actually, I don’t think anyone sent in the wrong answer – told you it was a layup. A big congrats to JD & Mr. Webb who were the big winners…enjoy fellas.