It’s So Hard To Say Goodbye

Andrew Barber 0

Lady Twist = Treated.

I don’t know how many of you kids watch VH1’s Miss Rap Supreme (brought to you by the good folks at ego trip), the reality show pitting female rappers against each other for a $100k purse.  But last night, my favorite competitor, and Chicago-native, Lady Twist (pictured above) took the ultimate L, and was eliminated.  Damn.  
I actually thought her rap was better than the rest of the contestants up for elimination (especially T-Pain’s baby-mama), but hey, I’m a blogger, so what do I know?  Maybe it had to do with her dance moves?  Either way it was a raw deal.  
I’m obviously a huge Serch fan (The Cactus Album, Nas, MF DOOM – all products of Serch*) and Yo-Yo definitely had some joints,** but cot damned if they didn’t make a shitty decision last night.  
Lady Twist was easily, pound-for-pound (Ayo!), the best rapper on the show.  They should’ve booted that rat-head boxer chick weeks ago – and at least Lionezz was somewhat attractive. 
Keep ya head up Ms. Twist, you can be the first artist signed to Fake Shore Records.  Plus I’ll take those vodka shots with you, Ma.
* “I know who I paid, dog, Serchlite Publishing”
**word to Ice Cube on a payphone!