Kidz In The Hall Discuss Influences with TSS

Andrew Barber 0

The Smoking Section just posted a solid interview with Kidz In The Hall this afternoon. Naledge and Double-O discuss their influences, plans for the future and the independent game. It’s definitely a good read and worth checking out when you have a chance. I particularly enjoyed the portion where Naledge discussed his rhyming influences:

TSS: Sounds like everybody, a little bit from everywhere.

Naledge: Yeah, yeah I listened to pretty much everybody cause I was in the middle but if I had to really pinpoint one person it would probably be Common. Listening to the Resurrection album is what really made me want to start rapping.

TSS: Being from Ohio, I know exactly what you mean. You get a little bit of everything, you’re not affiliated with any coast so pretty much anything & everything is fair game.

Naledge: A lot of my likes didn’t necessarily influence my style.

TSS: I feel that because you always have to make your own identity, but you have people you look up too.

Naledge: I loved Bone when they first came out; I love Twista, Crucial Conflict, Do or Die but it didn’t necessarily influence my style. I grew up listening to all of their music.

Head over to TSS to check out the full piece. Big shouts to Gotty over there as well.