Lady Twist from Miss Rap Supreme Speaks!

Andrew Barber 0

Since VH1 decided not to air an episode of Miss Rap Supreme this evening (for reasons unbeknownst to me), I figured we’d give you some MRS content of our own. 
Last week, after Chicago’s Lady Twist was unfairly and unjustly booted from the program, I did a write-up in honor of our fallen Windy City sister.  I later reached out to Twist for a statement regarding her thoughts on the ruling and her plans for the future.
Who says you need VH1 or Egotrip for your Monday evening entertainment?  Screw that, FSD is for the kids.
Lady Twist writes:

“First of all I wanna thank all my fans out there for the love and support, I truly and humbly appreciate it!

I’ve read the message boards and I’ve read the different MRS blogs and I have to say that I am extremely touched and flattered by all of your kind words, love and support. Its very much appreciated and is NOT being taken for granted. I have the utmost love and respect for every single one of my fans and I vow to continue to keep it real and be a personable artist. So when you see me in the streets, don’t hesitate to holla at’cha girl. And somebody please tell Twista to come holla a bitch, lol.

I’ve got a double-CD on CDBaby for the low, 32 tracks plus skits…pure entertainment or your money back! You can get a sample on my MySpace page or 

Allow me to take this time to address a few issues regarding my time on the show…I personally don’t think that I was sent home because I couldn’t dance. I don’t think that I was sent home because my rhyme lacked substance; I was sent home because I refused to argue and fight, period. Although the crown of Miss Rap Supreme would have been a good look, I openly/verbally refused to show my ass and/or disgrace my character and upbringing in the name of ratings.

I’m sincerely grateful to Egotrip and everyone involved with Miss Rap Supreme for having me, but the truth is they were obviously more concerned with yelling and screaming than lyrical ability…

Another thing that keeps resurfacing is the whole weight vs. sex appeal issue. Truthfully, I can’t name too many attractive male rappers, can you? I challenge you to name 10 right now…And a few of these female rappers leave much to be desired in the looks department. Take away the Gucci and Mac and lets see how many of them still give you a woody…Long story short, open your minds; stop being so damned bitter and listen to what the bitch has to say. Who knows, you might learn somethin’ from the lyrical storyteller or at least get a good giggle out of the deal…

Once again, thank you all for the love and support. Big ups to Fake Shore Drive for holdin’ ya girl down. Chi City forever!

One love,