Mick Boogie In Chicago: The Q&A

Andrew Barber 0

This past weekend I got a chance to meet and check out a set from the current reigning Midwest DJ of the Year (he has the Justo award to prove it), Cleveland’s own Mick Boogie. I caught up with Mick last Saturday at Par Lounge for an incredible set that he absolutely killed.

When he returned home, I did a quick Q&A about his time in Chicago and what LeBron’s favorite DJ has on deck for the immediate future.

First and foremost congratulations on the Justo Award – Midwest DJ of the year Award, to be exact. As far as a mixtape DJ is concerned, it doesn’t get much better than that, no?

Just happy that people recognize things…that’s all. Anytime anyone appreciates something you make, it’s cool.

Did you enjoy yourself while in Chicago? I know you kind of described it to me as a mix between Cleveland and NYC

Chicago is one of my favorite places on Earth. I love it. I could see myself there someday. It’s like the big city feel of NYC with the Midwestern appeal of Cleveland. It’s a city that never sleeps, but it’s not insane like NYC… although I’m moving to NYC this summer…LOL.

You absolutely killed it at Par Lounge on Saturday night… The energy inthere was crazy. Did enjoy playing to that crowd?

Loved it. Great time. Anytime you fill a room with a bunch of people who love music, I’m gonna have a great time. So much fun. Can’t wait to come back!

What else did you do while you were in town?

I have a lot of good friends in the Chi so we just hung out and reconnected.Went shopping. Beautiful downtown to go for a jog in, also, with Lakeshore and the Navy Pier.

Planning on collaborating on any mixtapes with any Chicago artists any time soon?

Well, Kidz In The Hall are fam. Working on something with Cool Kids as well. Myself and Terry Urban are also working on some sort of “Glow in theDark” themed mixtape, as well.

How do you like the buzz that is surrounding Chicago right now?

Chicago did a great job breaking real talented artists into the mainstream… with Kanye, Common and Lupe. I can’t think of another city that currently has 3 huge and viable commercial artists who just representthe original ethos of hip hop.

Who are some new artists from Cleveland, or from your stable that we should be checking for?
Cleveland has lots of talent.

Al Fatz and Chip The Ripper of course. Kickdrums, Yonny and Garbs on the beats. Even down to Columbus, we got FlyUnion. Lots of talent here.

Any big mixtapes dropping in the near future?

Yes… still waiting on Wayne to finish up his verses on our “HelloBrooklyn” collabo. Doing something with Big Pooh from Little Brother once again. And some other stuff I can’t speak on, yet.

One thing I’ve always wanted to ask you – how do you find time to be the official DJ forthe Cavaliers if you’re always traveling around the country doing thesecrazy parties?

Lots of planning…haha…and lots of flights. Sadly, I’ll be giving up when I move to NYC this summer, but it’s been a great 4 years. Go Cavs!!